How do you convince yourself to do something?

I tell myself that I can have a reward if I do it. And then give myself that reward (new earrings, my favorite "bad" food) after I accomplish it.
I just think hard about the situation for a good period of time. I even use a timer. When the timer rings I either scream yes or no, should I do it.
I tell myself if I do this I could benefit from this, by either gaining knowledge or a friend.
Do you mean that you are on the fence between two decisions, or that you've decided to do something but can't find the motivation?
For the first one I would analyze my two decisions emotionlessly and if I still can't decide, just go with my gut.
For the second, I would pretty much do the opposite and stop thinking so much about it and just do the first step. Getting started is always the hardest. After that, you just go with the momentum.

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