How do I develop the social skills to get and maintain relationships with women?

I feel like I can't relate to anyone. I have a mild form Asperger's Syndrome and Anxiety problems. It does hurt me when I deal with people.

try going after fat girls and ugly girls first they are a lot easier to talk to and most pretty girls are bitchy.

but seriously although the above is true just try to talk to any girl in person and im sure a lot of ur fears will be put to rest they are all nice when you talk to them in person. public beach would be a great place to start because u will be easily forgotten there

and remember if they say negative things to u that is not cuz somethings wrong with you it means something is wrong with them, like screech from celeb fit camp somethin is wrong wit that guy!
"Man are from Mars Woman are from Venus", this book is really good. You can find most of the answer to your question about Woman.
Many women these days are superficial and money hungry. They only want guys who are either rich or look like George Clooney. A decent good hearted quality woman is hard to find. Maybe you can find yourself a nice girl, at church or the library. I suggest not asking for help here at, because most of the people, including myself, are not qualified to help people with your type of needs. Take it easy
It sounds like the best thing for you to do would be to get counseling from a psychologist. Given the way some people view mental health problems in our society, I know that this might sound scary, but it would probably help you a lot.

Also, there are prescription medicines that can help with many forms of anxiety, although they are not likely to be very helpful unless you combine them with counseling. A psychologist can not prescribe medicines for you, but if he or she thinks that they would be helpful, he could talk to your doctor about getting you a prescription.

One thing that happens a lot is that you and your psychologist might decide on some things that you want to try out when it comes to social interactions and relating to people. Even if you know it would probably help for you to do these things, you may feel too anxious to do them. It is in situations like this where medicines can usually help the most. If you take the anti-anxiety medicine and go do some things that you want to do but that make you feel bad or anxious, the medicines will help you get through it, and you will start to learn that these types of things can actually be fun, instead of just being nerve-wracking and unpleasant.

I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, nor a doctor of any kind, but I hope this will help.
I don't know how far off base I am with my assumptions, so ignore me if I've got it all wrong.

Do you have a hard time making connections/meshing with people? Can you read social cues? That is, can you 'read' people? Women are often less direct than men, so it's vital to be able to read at least some of the subtext underlying the words coming out of our mouths.

You may want to read up on body language, it's a huge part of communication. Also try an etiquette book, it helps to know what's considered polite in many situations. Steer clear of books about reading women's body language, books that say you'll be able to pick up women at bars, etc. Guys that are trying to be smooth generally come off as a bit cheesy.

Good luck to you,

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