Is this the sign of being a gentlemen?

Asking a girl how she is how her year werntr,telling her how hard she has worked,and giving her space etc.when she needs it.I did all of these things to a girl of whom i had previous conflicts with,and she shortly thereafter passed by me looking warm peaceful and with a bit of a smile on her face.Is this a good thing?And how should i interpret it?

obviously she's not mad at you any more, so yes it's a good sign...
i dont know what the conflict was that you had but, sometimes girls give you a hard time when they like you. males do this also. maybe when she noticed that you were being nice to her, it confirmed in her mind that you felt the same way she felt about you. the only way to know for sure is to ask her. communication is key. also, maybe no one else in her life treated her like that and when you did it made her feel better. anyway, just ask her whats up...
You sound like a guy to me, that is trying to do what it takes, to show a girl you care...The fact that she smiled, is a good sign, but don't get too excited just yet...keep being a gentleman, and allowing her to come to you, if it is meant to be, it will happen...good luck, you sound like a nice guy
she is being polite...don't read into it and don't make it something it is not...if you indeed are a real gentleman and not just faking it to get some

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