A question about death?

Not discriminating, but I'd like non-religious people to help me with this one:

I'm 29 and I think I'm going through some sort of phase in my life (perhaps an early mid-life crisis). Every day I wake up, the first thing that comes to mind is death. Like waking up to the same reality that never changes. By that I mean, many times in life you go through tough times but you also get to wake up and be glad to see that the problem is already behind you. Not in this case though. What strikes me every day is the thought of "what if death is the end of all things?". I started to have some pain in my lower abdomen just trying to visualize what it means to indefinitley NEVER EVER come back, even after a billion years. I think that if all humans could perceive the infinity they would become insane, just the way I feel today. Knowing that you'll die and NEVER come back is an extremley disturbing concept. I wish I met a ghost (not sure if there are), at least I will know that death is not final

Think of it this way: If you die and there is nothing that comes after death, you won't be around to care either way. So live it up while you still can.
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Don't stress so much, hon... death comes to everyone, and perhaps the monks are right - maybe there is such a thing as reencarnation - you'll come back in another life.

As for now, appreciate what you have, and life every day like it's your last.
thats the point of god.you WILL go crazy if you think about there being nothing after this...that is why a lot of people worship god and are religious...because they need to believe that there is life after death, because otherwise, you would go insane just waiting for "the end"
Why do you need to worry about death? It is a process that you will find out soon enough. Learn more about living first. Just like learning to walk before you run. You need to know what is it about living now.
You are dying. You are born and then you live to die. Sorry it is so blunt but you have already realized it. I have heard it two different places (neither I can remember where) It has been scientifically proved that when someone dies they instantly lose weight. Those that were happy lose more weight (implying that when their souls left the body there was more of it)

Then there was this guy on TV being interviewed because he survived a airplane crash that most died in. He said on the way out the door for some reason he was pulled backwards and saw the people who were burning. He saw their souls leaving the body and he noticed some souls were more full and larger then others. He says he believes it had to do with how happy they were in life.
well it seems to me that you are just afraid of death. it's not uncommon, a lot of people are. but you have to realize that someday you and everyone else is gonna die. it's a part of every living thing. just think of happy thoughts :))
That is my only fear of death.
i used to think the same
i still do but im not depressed anymore
I know what you mean i hat that thing for 3 weeks but i am always scared, i know this sounds like a wussy answer but it's best not to thing about it
well, i have wondered the same thing. what if there is no afterlife? its depressing to think that the end is the end. we all got here some kind of way thhough i guess. your spirit is in your body.so i guess when your body no longer functions, your spirit leaves your body and goes elsewhere.
Death is part of the cycle.

Everything cycles this way--- life, death, rebirth.
Watch for this in other aspects of your life - you'll see it.
I believe the new, "hip" term is quarter-life crisis! I'm non-religious and I do not believe in an after-life (although, I do believe in ghosts, how weird) and sometimes I'm OK about death and being gone forever and other times I'm a little worried. I think though that when someone has lived a long and fulfilling life, at a certain point, they're just ready to go - it's sort of like a relief.
There are people who claim to have had near death experiences and met with or talked to spiritual beings. You might want to do some research about them and see what you learn.
We're given the questionable "gift" of knowing our mortality. While I hope it's not true I'm sure I'll think about it every day until the day that I actually die. But there's probably nothing that anybody could tell you that will make you feel better. You'll have to deal with it yourself.

Just know that you're not alone. Hopefully that'll be comforting enough.
im not very religious...in fact i have a tattoo in latin that reads :just outside gods graces." i personally think that you shouldnt look at the issue litterally as you are afraid to die...perhaps you feel this way bc you are not accomplishing things in THIS life that is making you want more time to do it...or maybe there are things from your past that you are not happy about and wish you had a second change to do again. i would try and evaluate your life and see if there is something missing that you could make it more fulfilling and possibly make you ok with leaving this life knowing you made a difference in others lives...i hope this doesnt soundy corny...and i hope you feel better soon
I was feeling like that a while ago. I thought about death every day, like when I fall asleep, will my heart just stop beating? I didn't want to decorate my apartment because I felt like "what's the point"? Inatomate objects.. who would care about the house and how it looks if I died today? When I got pregnant, everything changed and I haven't thought like that since.
How do you expect a non-religious person or people to help you if they pretty much have the same outlook about death that you do? Are you wanting vilification about your hopeless outlook? Even people who do believe have the thoughts that it is hard to imagine that we live on forever. It is mind boggling either way. The thoughts that come to me at night about death are total helplessness and paralyzing to say the least.
Death is final, and you'll never come back. The bible explains ressurection for a paradise, that will be after Armageddon, which the bible also says that it is soon to come. If u didn't live to what the bible says, there will be no ressurection, and you'll be dead for ever.
Okey dokey, as Uma Thurman said in a recent movie she was in, (she said it so cutely) gotta luv that girl.
I'm a Christian, and already clicked on your question, so I'm going to type something up for my troubles. But I'm not going to answer you..just type up
Okey-dokey, it will be interesting to see what answers you get.
The only way to avoid death is to never be born. Believe me, you will get sick and tired of fearing your own mortality. Because no matter what you think, or don't, it's a waste of time. Worrying or thinking about it won't add a second onto your life, only waste time. The good thing is death puts into perspective, how silly chasing after somethings in life are, not all that important. It sort of frees you from the rat race of having the latest, greatest things. You enjoy the "simplier things," realizing their true value. It's a phase you will grow out of, but have profound, and enriching impact on your life. Chow
am.. that's tough question... im not religious.. maybe you should spend time traveling hehehe and then try to eat every thing you like or anything you havn't eat before...and then do something crazy like shouting loud in a church hahaha! im sure you'll forget bout anything.. wait,,... you can also try sleeping for a long time...hehehehe i wish i could be beside you to company you from forgetting every thing 'cause i guess i feel like dying every time i read my bills hehehe
just live to the best of your ability now.
i promise if you realize you are dying when you are, you'll be happy that that is how you lived your life.
I'm not religious and if there is some kind of existence after the death of a body the twist is that the existence shall be good if you met the requirements of your religion (heaven), otherwise it's hell.
I've done a few bad things in my lifetime that I'm not proud of but that should not mean torture in hell for the rest of eternity.

If the Hindi's are the guys who really have it right, I want to come back as a crow just for the record.

But personally ... I think it's not over until it's over and when it's over, it's over and out.
i had something like that to. It felt like **** i know. But i got over it thanks to one guy. Hi does individuas classes of positiv thinking and how to turn negativ things to positive and so on. It a long way from home and it isent cheap but i think it will give more results then going to a shrink. Write him and tell what you feel and so on, and if he says he can help you, he probably can. Anyway its your desision. dingdongfingjong@hotmail.com
we and everything alive are energy manifest...energy cannot die it can only transform.we are eternal and there is no such thing as death as you are thinking of it.you will transform and return to life as though you never left(because you didn't)...we are on a journey...we are learning. life continues...think 'life after life'...you'll return to the source/matrix and the essential you will live again.
so don't worry...be happy!...please
Free yourself from the cage you have put yourself in. You CANNOT control death. It will happen, I promise. Everything ends right? Well we are all in the same boat then, take a little satisfaction in that at least. Live your life like it doesn't matter, because it doesn't. Sleeping is a lot like death in many ways, but you aren't afraid to go to sleep are you? Think of death the same way, you won't be worrying about it after it actually happens.
You know, you might be having these disturbing thoughts because you think your life is not fufilling enough. Maybe it is time to do what you've always wanted to. Help the world, comforted by the fact that even though you may not last forever, your efforts to change the world for the better will be what lasts. There's a great way to look at this through a quote i like- "To have one life breathe easier because you have lived is to have succeeded."

You may also use this view of a one chance life to make the most of your life. The goal is not to know what's coming after death, but to live your life the same way (to the fullest) as you would have if you got another one.

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