What field do i choose?

i loving analyze human behavior esp. in casual situations..my friends always ask me for advice on love, life, famliy. im only 15 but what field of study do you reccomend for me in college?

Get a counselors degree first, then you can be taking classes while working on your degree in psychology if you still decide too. There's lots of different int resting fields in counseling and I'm sure you would get allot of experience.

If your the type of person people come to then I'm telling you you have a natural gift don't let it go to waste. People trust you and can sense that you care and listen to them. Go for it. I wish you God's very Best.

Your only 15 but you can start your college classes now. Start some night classes, and you will be ahead of the game when you graduate. I know you will be a great success. You are very special. Good Luck. The Professor with a hammer.
You could be a Psychologist. And you would get paid a lot!
That's a tough question, since no one can really tell you what would be best for you except yourself. I suggest not trying to decide right now, since you're so young, but wait until you get to college. Take a number of classes and see which field you like best :)
Psychology sounds like a good option but look carefully into the courses offered in a lot of colleges as you can end up doing areas of psych which you won't enjoy (like animal behaviour or how the eye sees and stuff like that) I'd look at doing some social psych / group theory

I'd also recommend looking into youth work as this might be something you enjoy and can help people at the same time. I'd really really recommend getting as much volunteer work as possible in all of these aras (peer mentoring / big brother big sister schemes / even helping at elderly or disabled residential centres) This will help you choose what you are really interested in and will also help enormously when you start looking at getting a job. I had several years volunteer experience and 4 years paid empolyment by the time I finished my psych degree and then job a job I enjoyed whereas my class mates who didn't have that experience ended up working in call centres trying to get the volunteer experience they needed for a few years.

Good luck with whatever ou decide
Take the basic Psychology classes and while you delve into different types and specialties, one or more may stand out for you.

There are many fields:
Grief counseling
Relationship counseling
Marriage Counseling
Child psychology
Abnormal psycology.

Most of the specialty course are going to require the prerequiste psychology course.

Good luck.
As a mental health practitioner with 20+ years experience, I can tell you that your interest in human behavior MIGHT lead you to a career in psychology or other mental health field, but hear me clearly that the way the profession is practiced in the real world is not as ideal as you might imagine, and you don't always "get paid a lot" as Amanda says. Psychology, and all forms of mental health practice, is a "soft", or "unnecessary" service when viewed by the general public. They might find it interesting, but become unwilling to pay the price for counseling or medication as you may be thinking. If the local or national economy is doing great, well, Americans begin to have the extra time and money to become neurotic and wonder about their "self-esteem", etc., and are willing to pay for the pursuit of "self-fulfillment", etc.. But when the economies become strained, so does the money spent in the area of mental health / psychology. So, let me advise you that your interest in analyzing human behavior can easily be what is known as a "passing fancy" or "passing curiosity" and I wouldn't focus too heavy on that alone as a career. You've got a long way of schooling to go before you get to your post-graduate education that is required to become a psychologist or other mental health professional. I have a funny feeling that, if your normal, your career ideas will change a lot of times before you actually settle into one. But, if you want to study in the area of human behavior, you can, and even if you don't pursue it as a career, you'll certainly learn something, but, be cautious of what you read. There's a LOT of junk "psychology" out there. God Bless you.
I'd recommend clinical psychology...like therapy and all that.
you choose the one you want too
pshycology and sociology
You could be a Marriage Counselor... or a Psychologist specialized in behavior disorders.
there are a number of psychologists, it depends on what you're better at, adolescent psychology, child psychology, sociology (the study of cultures, groups, etc.), behavior psychologist, behavioral research psychologist (that's what i'd like to be) which studies exactly what you described, why people behave the way they do in certain situations.
at first u would think of taking psychology, but y don't you take into consideration that B.S.Nursing might be a possibility.
Psychology but be prepared to go all the way through grad school, because trust me, a B.S. is Psychology isn't going to get you too far. Good luck! (you might also consider journalism because working for a newspaper as an advice columnist would work , too)

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