Have u ever felt that happiness will never come back to you and all will be dark??

Yeah, thats natural! Everybody has a bad day/week/month sometimes. You just have to look for some source of light in all your darkness..whether it be family, friends..or through a hobby! If you feel this way...I assure you that you will feel better soon, just keep your head up! ~Peace~
Sometimes I feel that way, but the feeling does not last long. If I know I have a problem, I do what I can to fix it, so that I will not be upset or saddened by it any more. If it means a lifestyle change, or something as simple as rearranging furniture in a room, it will be figured out and done. I see no point in one tormenting them self for no reason. Do what you have to to alleviate the sadness, it will eventually turn to happiness.
Despite your current feeling its never permanent... just because happiness isn't coming to you doesnt mean you shouldn't try and find it.. with the way you feel right now i think a mini vacacation would do wonders do with family or just do it alone...
No. The sun will shine again after the rain.
i've felt that way before...somehow i muddled through it...don't give up though...can you look at your situation from an objective point of view or are your emotions clouding it so much that you can't see the answer?
you don't expand on why you feel this way so it's not going to be an easy question to answer...is it your surroundings, a relationship issue, self-esteem, life circumstances, a job?
there are many answers to a whole slew of them, but without knowing what it is, people can't be much more help than that.

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