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Everyone, at one point, has dreamt of something better. Something different. Not necessarily dreamt but thought about, fantasized. Some people do it for fun; who wouldn’t want a wildly different life? Some people, however, fantasize about a different life to make themselves feel better. Sometimes, these fantasies grow out of control and people are almost consumed by it. The lucky few, manage to steer clear of this mental hazard. This is the overall theme of the New Radicals’ “I Hope I Didn’t Just Give Away the Ending.” In this song narrative, a male finds himself accompanied by a “sexy” female, both of which are out to get high at any cost; the female’s existence is questionable. By closely examining the premise, observing the structural elements used, and dissecting and picking apart the lyrics as a poem, one will obtain a greater understanding of this song by the New Radicals. As a result, explicating “I Hope I Didn’t Just Give Away the Ending” will enhance the listeners’ appreciation and provide a much more profound level of understanding.

This song, is what I consider to be a relatively “long” song. This is because this song is a narrative. It tells a story. One that begins with a male recalling the time he first met a female “friend”. “She wanted to be a nun” (II.I), “Until that fateful day we met” (II.II). The story then moves into present-time, where the two make their way to town, “Caught the handicap shuttle to town” (IV.II). This is achieved by faking a handicap, “We started limping” (IV.I). They then reach the female’s cocaine dealer who they admit to, are broke, “I told her dealer I was broke” (VI.V). Since they have no money, the two partake in a pornographic film in exchange for the cocaine; “We did a porno film for coke”. With the newly acquired cocaine, they elect to place it all in a sugar can at the female’s home. “Put the coke all in a can” (VIII.III)

Thanks for that analysis. You have probably captured the essence of the message.

However, I, personally, see little that is profound in a song that glorifies deviant behavior and attempts to convey the concept that illicit behavior is a high onto itself.

The subject matter is fine. The glorification of it is acceptable only to a select group.
So what's the question?
did you just want to post talking about a song...because that is all you did...next time provide a question...hence Question/Answers being the title here...and not...gee i want to talk about this song i think is cool

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