Why do i WANT to be miserable?

something deep down inside keeps suggesting that if i was miserable, it would be better... almost like i want to be miserable... anybody have any explanations?

Are u sure u aren't my x husband? is this Paul??
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u may just have low self esteem. Why don't you feel that you deserve better? Do you really hate yourself that much?
I am sure you aren't that bad. probably a nice person... give yourself a break, hold your head up and give yourself a chance to be happy!
The past is the past
Good luck, & bless you!
Maybe it's because you're not social enough? I myself am miserable because I don't go out much and talk with people. I say everyday I want to fix it but I keep on putting it off, almost like I want to be miserable.
Maybe you want to get attention from people and the easiest way to do this is to be sad or ill cause people will be more nice to you than usual
You have low self esteem. You need to realize that you are a worthy person. You deserve happiness. You have things to offer the world. Do what it takes to be happy as long as it doesn't harm others or yourself. Search your own thoughts and analyze what is wrong. Introspection is a good thing.
I think people who live miserable lives are just living in a world of drama that they have created for themselves, perhaps for attention from others. Eventually, though, the people around you will tire of your miserable attitutude and so will you. I am not sure how old you are, but you will just wind up a miserable old soul someday.

I do realize that some people have a real chemical imbalance and do need medication to help them be happier. But for many, it should be as easy as flipping a light switch off and on...a choice to be happy or miserable...light or dark.

Get a physical and mental check up, first. If you need meds then your doctor will know what you need. If everything is okay in these areas, then you just need to wake up in the morning with a different attitude.

You didn't mention whether you were alone, or not, and just lonely?
If you have felt this way for a while, my guess is that being miserable feels familiar and therefore, comfortable. Most people want to feel comfortable so you don't push yourself to try new things, meet people, etc. Also, being miserable in general means you don't have to deal with anything specifically miserable in your life (unsatisfying relationships, unfulfilling job - you get the idea). It's like hitting the snooze button on life --"I'll deal with all that when I'm no longer miserable." The fact you even asked the question implies you are ready to start dealing with this. Seeing a qualified therapist could be a life-changing (in a good way) experience for you right now. Good luck!
yeah i know what you mean. I have the same thing. Its a defense mechanism. So then psychologically you can view yourself as a victim, so when you fail at something or something disappointing happens you don't feel bad. People tend to defend themselves this way when they are afraid of failure. Ive done it a lot.
I kind of agree with whatsherface that what you're feeling may be because of your comfort zone (you've experienced a lot of misery and you've grown used to it), but I don't think you would use your misery as an excuse to not do something. I think you've grown bored with your everyday life and are wanting something new (that would cause you to be upset) to come into your life. Try doing something different (play a sport you don't normally play, volunteer somewhere, go for a long bike ride, etc.) to get your attitude in a more positive position. Or you could always go to a therapist for help.
no,life is to short to miss out on all it has to ofter

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