Do you ever have non-verbal confrontations with strangers?

definately while driving....but there was this one time in the supermarket this woman (who i dont believe spoke english) was pushing her cart into me while in the check out....i pushed it back and held it there so she wouldnt do it again....she was an ignorant B
On the Interstate...all the time!
Yes there are times when I am to angered to speak. I will usually write a letter if the person is out of my reach and if they happen to be in my reach i usually let my fists do the talking. At times, they are much more effective.
Like giving them ugly looks and the finger?
Yeah. I regularly have thumb wrestles on the street with aggressive old ladies.
yeah, when theres a parking space and me and the other guy want to take it,
A seat in the resturant, before the woman sits I'll stand right there in her face and dare her, no words exchanged!
Sometimes it's a matter of contrasting values. for example, someone driving a large loud truck will piss me off just by reving their earth-hurting gas guzzling engine. The look I give the driver is distastful enough to piss him/her off too. Neither of us have exchanged a word, let alone been introduced, unless you count the hostility as an introduction. what does that say about society today?!
I guess by 'confrontations' you mean, hostile encounters, so my answer would be that I try very hard to avoid these, since I am a strong believer in verbal communication whenever possible. But of course we all do this--------glaring at someone who has rudely bumped or jostled us in public, for instance, would be the mildest form of such an incident. And on the other extreme, as others have already posted, there's the hostile manual 'sign language' often seen on the road.

Using a car horn in traffic, I suppose, is actually another form of non-verbal communication with strangers, isn't it!

Interesting how much more readily we use these gestures with strangers than with people we know----------if it happened to be a friend or neighbor who cut you off in traffic, for example, you wouldn't respond the same way, would you!
A minivan driver flipped me off in the parking lot of a grocery store because she ran the stop sign and because I looked at her, she flipped me off!!!!
I write a lot about political matters and with people I generally never see and so the confrontations I have are all non-verbal but also non-physical rather that it comes out in writing.

My wife makes known that I could sit with my worst enemy as if we are good friends.
Not because I am scared, but rather I like to be police and if I have something to say I do it in writing. That way they cannot twist what I stated. Also, you avoid flipping out something that you might have wished you had never said.

Often it is not want I say but what I do not say that people are more worried about.

For example, if I do not talk people get worried that something is drastically wrong. (You guess it I am normally a talker). So silence can do the trick.

When I did martial art I found it always handy to have a martial art book next to me in the car. Not that I read it. Just if someone was aggressive (and so when I was driving taxi’s I would remove my jacket that was covering the book and the moment they saw the book they would make all kinds of apologise. That was a very good trick that generally was sufficient to stop a person being physical towards me.
So, it was not the word to utter but to give immediately a message without any need to explain.

The less words you use to bring a message across, and barring becoming physical, the better it is to get your message across.
I found that those who are aggressive usually are real cowards, as the moment they become aware, such as the book, that the other person might know martial arts, then they, so to say have their tail between their legs.

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