Critical problem...?

if someone, who u respect accuses u of something tat u havent done,wat will u do??

The really important things are your knowledge that you didn't do whatever it was and your self respect. Don't bother trying to convince them, they will believe what they want to believe no matter what they say or you do. Be true to yourself so you can honestly tell yourself that you told the truth. Then stop worrying about what the rest think. You'll be far happier in the long run.
Try to prove to them that I didn't do what I am being accused of. I would feel very bad because this person now would lose any respect he had for me.
I will try to explain the whole thing; but if he/she doesn't believe, then I will shut up and I think that time can prove the truth.
Trust is a kind of feeling, if he/ she doesn't believe, then it is very hard to made them. Take it easy, though it is hard, pushy is still not a proper way to deal with this kind of problem.

Hope my answer can help you~~~~
I'll try to make him/her to believe that I didn't do it and if they don't believe me I will leave it because I am one of those persons who believe that the truth always come out not matter how long you have to wait. It's hard while waiting but at the end we say "it was worth". I believe as well that what´s goes round comes round.
Stop respecting them easier said than done, ok. They abviously dont have the respect for you you have for them by not believing you, lose them.
If you can prove you didn't do it, there shouldn't be a problem. If you can't prove you didn't do it, get proof, then you still don't have a problem. If they still don't believe you, should you respect them?
Once you have proclaimed your innocence, let it go. I Know it hurts that someone you respect accused you of doing something not nice. ( if it was something good, you wouldn't be upset), but the truth will set you free. Time will tell the truth, and the truth has a way of revealing itself.

Maybe this person is dealing with a mental instability. Borderline Personality Disorder is very characteristic of this very thing. Search the web for this disorder and read the symptoms.

Hold your head up and be true to yourself.

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