A how to question?

okay, i know sometimes people post stupid fake questions on here, but this is serious, no lies.
lately i've been thinking about suicide.
i've been feeling like this for a few years.
nothing would stop me other than knowing my family's grief over my selfishness.
so i was wondering if anyone knew a way that would make is seem like an accident.
pills wouldn't work because they know i pop em.
i have been going to therapy for awhile now but nothings worked.
this is my last resort.

you need to pray.
You are obviously here for a reason.
Isnt there someone you love out there.?
why do you want to hurt them and ruin
their life by doing this to yourself?
Killing yourself is NOT the way out.
You cant run from everything..
You need to face your problems and learn
to get rid of them and over them.
Go out and make friends.. meet new people,
have fun. Take your mind off of these problems
and have a good life. Life is a gift from god.
why end it so fast? Theres someone who needs
you and your going to let them down. You think
this life is bad...if you kill yourself people say
you go to "hell" now i dont really believe that ..
but what if its true?? Dont you want to have a family someday wife/husband children. Make
a difference in this world dont let it all go..
you think people are mad at you and dont like you
there is someone out there who will or does love
you. Jesus says. "If the world hates you, remember its hated me first."
Pleasee Pleassee dont think like this..
If there is anyway i can help you pleassee let me
know. I will pray for your tonight and everynight
until you mesg me and say "thank you it really helped." Im sorry if you have different beliefs..
Pleasse dont do this. :(
It scares me that what I say now will affect your choice of life or death. I was a bit surprised when I read your question. Never kill yourself, never, never, never, never. I have thought about it before when I was young. Go talk to someone in your religion, that might help.
Honestly, I believe in karma... if you kill yourself before it's your time to go..you'll remain in this realm in Limbo sort of place...
My recommendations... talk to your family again..tell them I AM FEELING THIS WAY AND I NEED HELP NOW!... Suicide is NEVER a way out or the answer... besides.. you KNOW your family cares about you... why kill yourself, even if it'll look like an accident? What if you try and survive and are a burden to them for the rest of your life or worse..you REGRET it all? Please.. I urge you SEEK YOUR FAMILY's HELP
Suicide is never the answer, it only causes more pain for those left behind. There is always a solution. Your hurting because your in depression, I've been there and I'm better now. Try to get counseling, there are places that do it on a sliding pay scale or go to a church but please don't do this. If therapy isn't working your with the wrong therapist then, you know you can change your doctor right? Does your therapist know how you feel? You have to let'em know so they can treat you properly. I'll keep you in my prayers.
Your family isn't going to grieve any less if they thought that you accidentally killed yourself. You need to go to a mental hospital. I know you think that suicide is the only way out of the pain you feel, but it isn't. Get some help. I really hope you don't kill yourself :(
Please don't go through with this. You are special and your life is of significant value. What events in your life has lead you to feeling that this is the only way out? I'm asking because I care and I want to help you. My heart goes out to you. Please let me be of some assistance.
OK you got my attention!! Don't kill yourself, just stay and talk with me everyday.

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