What comes after a mid-life crisis?

I'm a single woman without children who recently turned 40. I had no idea that I would be feeling such loss over doors that have closed, even the unrealistic "I want to be rich and famous!" kind. I realize that I am still young, life isn't over and anything could happen, but I guess I'm sad that I didn't turn out to be "special."
My accomplishments include a solid career and I earn enough to pay my bills...not exactly the stuff of novels.

This must be my mid-life crisis. For those who have been through it, what happens next? How do you reconcile the feelings of disappointment?

Life is what you make it, and while you may not have achieved everything on your "To Do" list be proud of your accomplishments and begin to explore the endless possibilities out there.

You say you are sad because "I didn't turn out be special". I am sorry you feel this way. It is so important for you to believe in yourself so find your good qualities, appreciate the lessons learnt and know there is a huge world out there waiting for you! That said, allow yourself to grieve that which might not come to fruition but equally, set about creating a new list of what you want to do and have fun with those many, many offerings.
There is no pat answer to that question. Some people, especially women in their late 40's and 50's who successfully reinvent themselves or start new careers and interests. I heard a futurist talk about the number of women that age going back to college and starting new careers and working into their 70's.

Others just find that their lives are great and find the happiness and value in all their blessings.

And then there are those who follow in the men's footsteps with a new red sports car and a trophy husband, 10 years younger.ok...maybe i am just dreaming!
Ah, but you are special! Maybe they won't write novels about you, but you have the life that dreams are made of.! Most people in this world are wondering where their next meal is coming from, but you have succeeded way beyond that! You have raised children and taken care of people I am sure! And you still have the opportunity to do more! Do not follow fame and glory but the appreciation of anyone you can help along the way.
I use a lot of alcohol, and look forward to sleeping . It takes the edge off. Find things to do that distract you from your boring life. It happens to everyone so your not the only one.
What comes next is an afterlife crisis (just kidding).

I personally haven't been through it, but my parents have. We all have dreams of being "rich and famous", but being comfortable and having enough to pay your bills is an accomplishment in and of itself. Be proud for what you have *smile*.
The real 'mid life crisis' sets in when you realize that you no longer are as attractive to the opposite sex. No matter how hard I work at things, I'm still an aging, bald-headed misanthropist.
A few years ago the 'old fool' business was still in full bloom, and I basically went nuts about sex, with any and every woman who wanted to, or (barf) would.

Its basically all memories now, and I feel a bit more at peace with life, and even death. And hell, -I'm only 55.

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