Is it possible to make yourself have a dream?

Yeah, Mike is right, i've done it b4. Also, you could make yourself have a dream by watching or listening to something when u'r on the verge of falling asleep. U will unconciously take in the sounds and a dream should form around that when u fall asleep. So, in a way you could control what u dream about... If u catch my drift... *nudgenudge*
i think people who are superstitious have ideas on how to do it: start a dream dictionary when you DO have dreams, and then u'll start remembering when u have dreams..
I've done it. Thinking about something while I'm falling asleep...
i've tried it, but it never really works for me- i think about something constantly before i fall asleep- but it never really works
Yes. Before you sleep think of something you want for several times and then you will found out indeed it works!
I think it's quite possible. When we always think about good or bad things most of the time, we see it in the dream. But not always but it does occur.
I was once told that eating lots of red meat before bed will have you dreaming easier. I found it to be true.
I don't endorse anything, but the state of REM ( rapid eye movement) can be considered where many a person has had 'awake dreams'. Some people are more capable than others to dream in this state and remain aware. I once had a girlfriend who could recite her dreams as she slept and had total awareness to the point of being able to make them change. Now that was weird, but I too have had this experience. She thought it should almost be normal that I could dream the same dream as her and we could lay and talk about it until we could literally enter the same dream... yeah', I saw LAWNMOWER man too ( movie- Jeff Goldbloom), but that was just a little Tooo weird.
Good luck, and I hope you're not a vegetarian.
Yes and in fact we cause our dreams either consciously or unconsciously. Very ofter we dream about things that have to do with things that we wants or desire, we also dream about things that affect our lives in different ways.

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