Which path do you prefer being an employee or employer? can share with me?

Life is just like a story book. There is always difference story line, chapter n the ending. I believe everyone had their preference of the way their live goes. There is no right or wrong in choosing which path they want. Share with me which do you prefer being an employee or an employer. And why?


b/c i like being in charge..
not neccesarily as a dictator but i can't stand waiting around, waiting for someone to tell me what to do... besides i don't like ppl telling me what to do... i like getting my ideas out there and having ppl help me accomplish my visions... i believe in a democratic system..where i get input from others etc.. but i like being the one who plans it all out and assigns tasks..

i like the leadership role better..
I was an employer for 5 years because my family and I owned a restaurant(a franchisee). It's good being your own boss but it definetely has disadvantages...Like firing, employees who complain or work slow, remodeling or whatever whenever the franchisor wants, getting sued, paying bills and bills and paying for people to take the train or for all the schools in the area, lots of taxes, when things break down you have to either pay a lot to fix or buy new again.it's a lot of work and it depends on the type of business you own. At the moment I would rather get a check and not worry about how they pay their bills. So, I rather be an employee now.
Most would rather be able to tell others what to do and where to go, than be told what to do and where to go. For me I am retired and that part of my life is over, but I realized to be a women boss not only did you have to be a bit@h and a bully, I was the former but not the latter.
Employer. Coz being a employer, we can make a lot of decision whereas being an employee we need to consult our immediate superior before any decision is being made.
If we made a decision, our immediate superior will be the one firing at us.

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