Ultimate question of the gods...?

who created god. who crested the person that created god

First you have to believe that there is a God. If you believe that, then the answer is - man. Religion was created as a tool to manipulate and control societies - ALL societies - into behaving as a unified power, it promotes the idea of a hereafter which encourages 'good behavior' now. It's a very successful way of teaching good from bad for entire cultures -in EVERY culture.
There is one God
and no one created him.
That will defeat the purpose of being God.
God, is meaning being over everyone.
we do not know... but i can tell you that if thy can collect dust from the sun... itll prove the big bang theory and that means weall started out at bacteria
no one created God. you put that limitation on yourself.
sorry, but I don't think you'll get far that way. but i'll guess that those who believe will mostly say he is eternal (and perhaps that will leave you right where you are now. but good luck)
Where do "mothers" come from? Well, they come from the fact that they have children. Where does God come from? from the fact that there are believers. God is a creator that need people to believe in order to exist (or created).
The ultimate question should be, do we believe in God or not ? How one answer any question will follow it !
God was always here before anything any of us have seen or read about.If someone had created God,they would be God.You would then want to know who created God's God? Do you notice the problem there.Would you worship him or question him too?Stick with the first God and let it go,and for any atheist out there.Why are bothering with the question? You don't believe in God any way.
the flying spaghetti monster. get with it man.

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