At the moment I am constantly flirting/being nice to 3 of my favourite men I see almost everyday.
because I dont want to get my hopes up for just 1 guy.

its been a couple of months now.
but things dont EVER get serious,and we are just plain friends,IS IT BECAUSE IM NICE?
I HATE to make THE FIRST MOVE,on friends

1. Figure out which one you like best.
2. Ask him out for a drink.
3. Touch him, just on the arm or shoulder and sit next to him if possible.

He will get the message.
some guys are just shy. make the first move.
If you've been flirting with all 3 for a couple of months, they probably just think you're a big flirt, and not serious about starting a 'more than friends' relationship with any of them.

Stop flirting and see what happens!

Best wishes!
Choose one, then go for it. Tell him how you feel, cause it might pass you by. Being nice is awesome, alot of girls are not nice. So maybe they like that about you. Maybe one of them feels the same way. I know you say you don't like being the first to make a move, but try something different for a change. See what can happen! Go for it girl!
guys are usually blind to these types of things, trust me. The best thing is to just say what you feel to them and see how they react
Well you it seems like u made it pretty clear that you guys are "friend" so if you want to pursue them then you have to do more then flirting. It's hard at the same time because they might have not the same strong feelings back so that would hurt your friendship a bit but I would def. go for it. If you like him then you have to push it and initiate it. Good luck.
Figure out which guy you like the most and then go for it. If you're just acting flirty, they might not be taking you seriously.
If you don't make the first move, you're probably not going to get anywhere.
make a move
My advice is to decide on ONE particular guy. If it doesn't pan out, go to plan B (and always have a plan B). Don't try to please all of these guys at once. Go for broke,and if that breaks, go for broke #2. Life is a series of taking risks. If you don't risk being totally hurt, you'll never be totally happy.
If you're coming off as just a flirt they aren't taking you seriously. Just be yourself.

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