Isn't it weird to have a genuine attachment with those people you hardly expected 2b close 2 you personally?

i have this good friend of mine whom i badly hated when we were not yet buddies...i didnt get along with him nicely and i treated him like hell..But ironically, i ended up being friends with him and the weird thing is that he became one of my very close buddies..Come to think of it now, i noticed that most of my really good friends were those i thought to be some worthless crap.. It's ridiculously odd! But it's the truth though.
Is it some psychological thing? like.. what are alike repells and what are not, attracts? Darn, i wish someone out there could explain this to me...

You grew up, mentally at least. You probably used to hang out with the wrong or snobby crowd--now you see people for who they truly are--inside.
my best friend bullied me throughout junior high and now we're inseperable

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