It seems to me that everyone in my surroundings is fooling me around?

I had this experience when i get terminated from my previews job. i can't explain what happen on me, there. And it seems to me that they had something to do with it.

You sound like you were really hurt. I am sorry you had a bad experience. Some, no, many people are just plain mean and love to see someone suffer. Learn from what happened. When you get another job, please be sure it is something you really enjoy doing. Do your very best all the time. Be friendly to co-workers but don't tell private things to them. They could one day use private things to hurt you, so only share those things with family and friends. The world is tuff. There are some good people out there tho. Don't let one bad experience sour you on all people. Just be careful what you do and say at work. Best wishes to you.
send me all your money
have another experience with another job.
Don't confide in other coworkers. Ever. Also, please do your job responsibly, and then you won't have to worry.
It is called paranoid schizophrenia. See a professional for help or medication and your life will be simpler.
It's only paranoia if it's not really happening.
Maybe there was a conspiracy to get yuo out.
The same thing just happened to my boss.
A group of people made it so the workplace was pure hell for him.
He stuck it out for as long as he could but in the end all the back stabbing got to him, so he quit.
I saw the whole thing happen. He did his best, he just couldn't fit in.
$80,000 a year job, and they forced him out just by constantly being mean to him.
If it had been me, someone would have gotten knocked out before I left.
As for you, ask yourself some tough questions.
Did you fit in with the corporate culture?
Did you eat lunch alone alot?
did you go to all the little office get togethers/
Did you alienate yourself entirely or were you pushed away?
My experience is that most people fit in wherever they TRY to.
If you don't stink, look presentable, and laugh at people's stupid jokes, then you usually do okay.

Why were you fired from your previous job?
Or at least what reason did they give you?

If no reason, then not fired, you were simply laid off.
More info please?
only if you allow it.
be carefull, maybe they know something, and won't tell you

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