Some body tell me. Why it feels more real when I'm asleep than when I'm awake?

How can I know if my senses are lying?

Did you eat the green pill or the red one?
Reality is in the eye of the beholder until someone slaps true reality upside your head.
Probably because you feel more connected to the content of your dreams than your waking life. Your waking life clearly does not engage you as much as your dreams. You can never 'know if your senses are lying to you' (here you are presuming an 'outside world')...even when you are awake....everything you experience is supposedly relayed through your senses. You experience nothing directly. And as you can see, dreams can feel as real, or more so, than life. It's entirely possible that you are never awake and all of life is a dream. :)
I would really want to know that. Yet, right now I am satisfied with my answer. I think that when you dream you do not see accurate figure, but colours at which your mind acknowledges and identifies.
Perhaps it feels more real because in your mind is what you crave, not what you have.

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