What is a good way to let go of the past?

How can I let go of past situations that have hurt me and let go of my anger and frustration?

.The best way is to recognize that something in the past is keeping you from enjoying your present and moving on towards a better future. Then use that realization to say to yourself, "It's not worth it. I just don't care about it anymore and I want to move on." Analyze the experience to learn from it, then walk away from it for good. You won't forget, but you'll stop reliving the old emotions.

This mental process is a key component of forgiving others and forgiving yourself. Getting rid of baggage. No more reliving it, no more guilt, no more anger, no more desire to punish or get even. Just "to hell with it."
Just acknowlege what has happened and move on or at least try to.. I know it is hard
By understanding the situation and finding the truth of it.
Else it's really hard to let go.

For instance, if a boyfriend hurt you, find out why. Let's say he's immature. that is a reason. Let it go because people make mistakes.

Also, note the cycles of nature. Things fall apart but are built up again. Cycles are not always smooth and if you go with the flow, the negativity falls away.

A good way to start is to think of the person happy - visualise them happy, truly happy. Send them your love, and tell yourself all is forgiven. Then pop the bubble and see their face disappear.
It is so so so difficult and it can take a long time depending on how traumatic/painful/disturbing the situation was. Time does heal all wounds. Sometimes it takes years and you think you're over it and then you have phases where it all comes back and it's like you're going through it over again.
I do believe the best way is to put it out of your mind. Truly it works. I've been through some awful situations and rather than allowing these to spoil my future I have found it easier to put the past completely behind me. What I've gone through has made me into the person I now am and I like who I've become. Try not to be resentful. This only wastes your time and energy. Try to push it to the back of your mind and move on.
Good luck,
don't think about it, start a new life with good thoughts, and if you are still holding those past situations you are just wasting your own time when there is a lot to see in this world. i hope this helps.
It's easy to say than to do. But focus on this thought: you are missing out on your own life because of the past. If those past situations disturb you then they are not worth for you to keep them in your mind.
accept the fact that you cannot go back and change your past.Believe the hurt from your past has made you a much wiser and stronger person today.
Accepting, acknowledging your pain and moving forward...

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