Benefits of writing book on him self ?

should everyone do this ?

Everyone should be self aware, sure.
But should everyone write a book about themselves, well maybe for their grandchildren to read.
Who else would be interested.
I used to be a screenwriter, and the one thing I learned is that everyone thinks their life should be either a book or a movie.
Some of them are probably right. I mean, face it, even the hobo on the corner could probably tell you a good personal story, but a book, no thanks.
Most of us just aren't that interesting.
I'll put it like this, have you ever tried to tell someone about the dream you had last night? It felt good because you were so into a discussion which was all about the mystery of you. But then they started telling you about the dream they had, snooze.
Who cares.
Write a book about someone you really respect, it'll be much more interesting for the rest of us to read.

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