Whats the best way to kill time?

I have to wait 3 days until I get my car

That exciting- to get a new car.

To kill some time and fight off the anxiety of actually receiving it... try doing somethings at home that you like... maybe renting a few good movies.. search on the internet for car parts and other car items like place mats and stuff to give you ideas of what you can do when you get your car. Go to the store and buy a car magazine to give you more ideas. This way you're doing something that you are obviously interested in and killing time all at once :)
Looks like you just found it.
Walk to the grocery store and offer to load the groceries of old people you find into their cars.
Or you can pick up some beer and a few mags.
I'd do a little of both, personally.
this is what i do, and you would be amazed on how much time it can kill, and (for me) how much fun it is. just write short story fiction type of stuff--let your immagionation run wild! if you dont want to write, just imagine it in your head. it is one of the few things of life i enjoy
Clean the basement and wash the walls and when you are done that rearrange your room and living room and maybe defrag or clean your computer and download tunes?
Remember that time kills you and therefore live each moment fully. While you wait for your car, burn into your memory what it feels like not having a car or going without a car and you'll enjoy it all the more when you have it.
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(1) Read a book on automotive mechanics
(2) Search Internet and find resources where you can learn about cars and their engines
read books. you'll learn a lot.
1. Go to www.answers.yahoo.com
2. Sign in
3. Answer as many questions as you can
answer to your question is the best way for me to waste my time

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