Isn't Platonic Love a hoax?

I mean, why do people only limit sexuality to the "sexual act".
I think staring in itself,can be sexual.
I don't believe that Plato loved his male students 'platonically'.
He might not have had interourse with them, but I am sure he lusted on them with his eyes. To me, both are the same.
As our friend Jesus puts it "who looks on a woman with lust has in his heart already committed adultery".
What do you think? Isn't it time to break this stupid myth called "platonic love"?

There is love that has no elements of sexual desire. There is no one that you love that you don't desire sexually?
Love of family is platonic.
Love of humanity is platonic.
Love of friends, children, puppies, etc...
Platonic love surrounds us much more than sex.
Am I missing your point?
yeah...i think if you are attracted to someone, you are attracted to them.

I think the real definition of "platonic love" is called "friendship"

if a guy or gal agrees to have a platonic relationship with someone they care deeply for, it is simply that they have not given up hope of a greater, deeper connection, known by some, as love.
We are sexual beings, therefore there exists a degree of sexuality in every human contact, even "platonic.". I think the answer to your question is found how each one of us defines love, friendship and sexuality. There are no universal agreement.

Interpretation depends a lot on age, education, experience, economic level, etc.
To me a platonic relationship means boundaries that aren't crossed. A "Real" friend. Lusting at everything is perverse and self centered...or just a freak.

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