A friend of mine told me that she couldn't do her hair in a ponytail because no one had taught her how?

The thing is, no one taught me how to do it either. I looked at a girl with a ponytail and figured it out pretty easily. Looking back, I can see that my friend has always had difficulty in figuring out 'how' to do things that seem to be pretty self-explanatory-needing to be shown how to do it. Is this a learning disability or does she just learn things differently?

It COULD be related to her proprioreceptors, sensors we have all over our body that tell us where our "parts" are and in what position. The more active we are in early life, the more our proprioreceptors develop, sort of like learning hand-to-eye coordination. Some people can even be handed a pencil into their hands behind their back and cannot tell you that it is a pencil. Some people cannot "automatically" conduct all of the steps involved with our body in climbing stairs without visually seeing their feet. Standing in front of a mirror in dramatic lighting that casts sharp shadows across the body and then dancing or moving very slowly and closely keeping the eyes on the movements of the body can help to develop the proprioreceptor sense.

Also, there are at least eight learning styles. We learn best as individuals from one or two of those styles. Unfortunately, here in the U.S., we teach only from two of those learning styles. When someone grows up surrounded by information and learning tasks that are oriented to be asborbed by a learning style different than her's, that can cause a confusion, so to say, neurologically, and even a lock-down of learning and the apperance of low intelligence. The individual in those cases is almost afraid to attempt anything new and oftentimes feels like something is wrong with them, that they are stupid, when, in fact, the way they are being taught is wrong.

Here is a brief description of the known eight learning styles. See for yourself which one or two you are most dominate in. And, share them with your friend. Most people who discover their true learning style then can adjust their learning tasks on their own to accomodate their learning style so that learning, and life, gets much easier and less demoralizing:
She probably needs a boost in self-confidence more than anything else. I don't remember if I was taught how to do it. Offer to teach her and remind her of the wonderful things she can do and the wonderful person she is to help boost her confidence.
she could just learn differently and be a slow learner putting concepts together..her thought process if different..where you could mimic doing a pony tail her brain was unable to invision herself doing it herself so she could think out the steps.
I have four kids, and one of them (the girl) can never figure anything out. She's also bad at any kind of puzzles, or anything where she needs to use logic to figure something out.

What I'm getting at is... If this person is the same way, you might show her how to do it (make a ponytail) a dozen times, and she still won't "get it." She might never get it. Just know this going in, so that you don't get too frustrated if she still can't do it after you teach her.
I can top that, my younger sister got married and was crying to an older sister that she needed help cause she couldn't figure out how to wash dishes! (reason? she was SPOILED and was never required to do chores, as I DID them all, consequently she never learned how to wash clothes or clean house either)
I digress, your friend may be LD and cant visualize or disseminate how to do certain things- give her a break and show her how on your head.

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