All I want to do is kill myself, how can i be happy again?

I'm so ashamed of my behaviour and actions, everyone hate me, i'm no fun to be around, i have no nice clothes, no job prospects, i have completely screwed up everything good in my life and had so many plans, i have no idea how to change what i have done in the last 6 months, i cant and i really just want ot kill myself. The only reason i'm not is because i know how much it hurts people, but i cant see myself ever being normal again..i am seeing a counsellor and taking meds and none of that is helping too much, i just cant see myself ever getting better, and i could have done so much with my life and had great friends and people, i'm an absolute crazy freak have you been like this and changed it?

i'm 14 year old please help me

you are only 14? how bad can you be or been, continue with your therapy, if you don't feel good on the meds, change them or get off the, exercise and diet are key you ever have anything bad happen to you to make you feel this way? sometimes abuse triggers this. you may be going thru teenage depression or imbalances, stick with therapy.
It is very normal to hate yourself sometimes and all you need to do is go home and relax. If people hate you, that's thier problem and you should not care about what they think or say about you. I bet their missing out on a great person.
14 years ? You are so young and so depressed?? That's bad! You have just started experiencing life. You have a long way to go and things get better, not worst. Don't lose hope. And its not to late for you to fix things. You have time and look , you have much care for your action and you are aware of what is wrong and right, as usually such young people don't get the truth and ways of life that early. Its good you know what you are doing..,and what you should actually do.You are on track. Just handle your situation.

And what about nice clothes?? What is in clothes? Its your personality! The way you are. Introspect. I think if you can not change your situation and your life, then try to change your self, life will be set.

Be well...
Surprising,when i was 14 years old i thought the same.
Suddenly a question arose into my mind that there are so many boys and girls are there , just like me,why they are not trying to commit sucide.I started searching the answer and found that though they are in distress,but they are fighting to get escaped from it.Then i think,when they can survive,why not mine.
on the very next day i got invitation from a very beatifull girl of my village.i will tell you her name and other details tommorrow.Please email me to the following ads to get the further information,because that is very personal.
Offcourse email me , i am waiting for you.
anup kumar
Life gets rough sometimes it's the ONLY way we learn and grow, by experience. Everything happens for a reason I believe so look for positives in every bad situation. I know it hard right now but if you just be strong you'll figure it out! Parents can seem like they demand alot or just don't listen, but don't worry just do the best you can do right now. Things ALWAYS work out, trust me! Man, think of all the times I've thought dying was the best answer, well of course now being past those trying times I am so Grateful I didn't cuz I wouldn't be strong or happy or ALIVE! Life is good hun, don't forget that! I know in the future I may feel at the end or it'll never get better, but that's just life and it always does.. I like to pray when I feel that way too (doens't matter who/what you believe in- your own way) it gives me a new hope and peace inside.

Just acknowleding the fact that you have some problems is good you can look at yourself and figure out what needs a change, start there. Good luck sweetie!
drugs are 1 good way to feel good but they get people addicted if they allow it to.

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