Why do I feel so pressure why somebody speaks me auful?

Don't show that it has bothered you. If they getting at you, they leaving someone else alone. They aren't worth a light if they make you feel like that. No one has the right to make another feel bad. Find some proper friends and leave them to their bitching. You are worth a lot more than that.
you lack Confidence my friend.
dont let it bother you. people who make other people feel bad isnt worth it.
don't allow yourself to be affected. we can't please anyone. just do things that you feel is good for you and you're comfortable with.
You are exhibiting passive behaviour, this means,
1) Apologising for your own behaviour and being self-effacing.
2) Not standing up for your own rights, or standing up for them half-heartedly so that others can disregard them.
3) Not being honest about what you want or feel.

People who exhibt this kind of behaviour cant say no to others and are often put upon in work/relationship situations.

What you need is to gain assertiveness and confidence skills. Look for a class in your area.

Be Happy!
because my friend you have feelings and not only that you have a sense of right and wrong. When someone speaks awful to you , you don't feel you desire it and therefore feel hurt. and then you wrestle with what to do with that hurt. Some people strike out, hitting, shooting, cursing. Some people, sulk, cry, get upset stomach . You have identified the problem, now decide how it would be best handled. Think about it....decide your options then put it into practice. Because people, knowing them as I do will do this again.

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