What can i do?

im in 10th grade but most of my friends are younger and i dont know if this is because im immature and i fit in with them better or if hanging around them has made me that was but all my older friends say im immature. is it my brain or what? i go to a magnet school so im not stupid or anything so what can i do

Your not immature. Its just stages we all go through in order to find ourselves and determine who we are. Most of your friends are younger so you tend to act like they do and maybe act on thoughts the way that they do. Try to hang out with your older friends more often but try to listen and not talk much. Observe their actions and think before reacting. Only you could make the decision on who you want to be
If you are happy with your friends, you did not say how much younger, I am assuming a year or so but not much more, then keep them and stop listening to others. No one matures at the same rate. No one !! Now if your friends are in elementary or middle school, I would say you need to try and catch up to at least 9th grade level emotionally. But that's just my opinion. Be happy, that's what counts.
No one grows at the same rate. Some of your older friends may be less emotionally mature than your eighth or ninth grade friends, or maybe you age slower when it comes to emotions than your older friends.

And you can't change yourself if you want to be yourself. Hang out with whoever you want to. If your older friends keep bugging you, maybe they're jealous or maybe they aren't as old mentally as they seem. Try spending a little more time with them and see if they stop giving you grief. ;) Good luck!
If they are your friends and you want to hang out with them, you hang out with them as long as you happy with them thats all that counts, i know eer pressure affects everyone at school and you may find you get teased for hanging out with people younger than you well forget them, they aren't your friends and they aren't worth your time of day. I have friends of all ages, im 18 and a lot of my friends are 16 and so are younger than me, but we have the best fun ever!!!

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