Conscious mind?

What happens to the human conscious mind after death?

Scientifically, we have no way to know at this time. We know that the brain ceases to function, and that in life the brain function correlates with the conscious mind. But science doesn't (at least not yet) tell us how this works or whether consciousness can exist without brain function.
(Although I have heard of some cases of brain death after which the patient revived and reported out-of-body experiences. This has not been explained. It would be difficult to study this phenomenon because you can never know when it is going to happen.)
who knows

if i had to guess, i would say that we just dont realize that we are still around anymore
people ascend or something like it.
Since brain activity ceases, consciousness ceases.
Your subconscious mind will combine with your super-conscious mind. This is called your higher self.
The mind does not stop existence. Your Spirit Mind or Higher self steps down in vibration to enter a human body creating a soul experience. Those vibrations you take on determine where you return when you pass over. As Jesus said, My Fathers House has many mansions. (Dimensions). He said to build up your treasures in heaven. Read his words in the bible to find out how you do that. I can tell you that if you are evil, you will take on evil vibrations and you will be attracted to like vibrations when you pass beyond this life. The same if you are good. Like attracts like. It is a Universal Law. Love is one of the highest vibrations your soul and spirit can attract to. Make it part of your life to Love God and Love others. The rest will take care of it's self if you only believe.
Rev. TomCat
People have returned to talk about it... first hand evidence... check it out!

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