Why do people fall in love with anime characters?

I love an anime character, and all my friends think im a total nut. except for my best friend, who is in love with one too.

I don't blame you.Some of my friends including me often like anime characters.But some of my other friends always thinks that is wrong.As long you don't go overboard,it is fine.
LOL. I remember being in love with Superman.
I think it's not love, but more of an admiration or obsession, since you wouldn't really be sexually attracted or want to have a relationship with an image would you?
its because when you watch an anime i guess u start to feel involved in the story. you get to know the character through the show then nxt thing you know you love them.
i'm not so sure that normal people do.
i think you just love the style they're drawn in, some people might see it as perfect... haha i've liked [not loved] an anime character as well... but if you think about it, it makes sense to like anime characters better than other cartoons, haha i doubt anyone is in love with someone of southpark or beavis and butthead! lol.
YOU TOO! HAHAHAHAHA!! I know this girl that is in love with an anime character. I thought of it as hilarious and sorta weird being in love with a non-existing cartoon character.
do you fall in love with avatars too?
umm u love an anime character..hmm??

i dont think u can actually love one. I just think that you admire and enjoy the personality and the art that goes into the character. Just remember they're not real.

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