How can I get someone care about to quit abusing alcohol?

Firstly as you are well aware, they need to want to stop.
Secondly they need a support group of people who are in similar situations or have been so they can relate, because if youve never been like this then you cannot relate to the addiction and so wouldnt know the techniques to stop it.

Be a total support for them and dont make them feel guilty when they fail. They already feel guilty so just give them positive support.
Thye will be greatly helped by an Alcoholics anonimous group, as this will give them a place to hang out on friday and saturday nights. The main alcohol consumption times.At these meetings they will strengthen each other and learn to love the parts of themselves they have issues with.
Loving each other they heal each other and themselves.

If they are not wanting to go to a meeting, then go with them.
Call someone from these groups, who does mentoring to come to their house and provide a friendly ear.
Sometimes it just takes a bit of pushing.
this is a disease they need to get help it will be hard and i wish you the best of luck
They have got to have the want to first...Nothing you do are say will help them...As I said they have to want to before they will stop.
I have seen different ones being made go to a dry out center...worked for a month are so and back tipping the old bottle again.
All you can do is let the person know you love them dearly - but do not support there ways.
~~~Best of Luck~~~
The toughest thing about this question is that you cannot do it for them. They have to want to get help, and if they do not, any efforts will falter(see the sad story of Lindsey Lohan). If they are ready to get help, many places now offer outpatient programs that vary in time commitment and intensity. There are also some very good inpatient treatment centers, but those do not work all of the time because the person is isolated and away from all of the triggers they face in a normal day. It is a tough process and I hope the best for you. You can contact your local health and human services office or health department and they should be able to give you referrals for your area.
Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are two different things.

Alcoholism is an addiction, not a disease.

Having an abuser cease from their destructive habit can be one of the hardest things to do. Often the abuser likes what they are doing: they like to smoke, they like to gamble, they like to drink booze, etc., despite the obvious negative affects it is having on their lives.

Gently but firmly bring those drinking problems to his or her attention. Show them their dirty clothes, show themselves in a mirror, scold them, direct them, and offer them alternatives to drinking (such as grapefruit juice, mocktails, or low alcoholic beverages).

Tell them how easy it is to go from alcohol abuse to alcoholism.
If they are addicted, you cant make them stop. They have to want to quit, and they need professional help.

Good luck.
Verbally abuse them while their drunk for about ten minutes. Then knock them unconscious with a heavy object, and stick their head in a cold bucket of ice water for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. In extreme cases, throw them in an ice bath. If the bath is required, leave them fully clothed as to not damage your own eyes.
Take this person to Anonimous Alcoholics. But firstly you must talk to this person.Good luck.
If you really want them to quit, you will have to do a very hard thing. You will have to let them know in no uncertain terms that this is not okay with you. Give them an ultimatum to either quit the alcohol abuse or lose the friendship. Then be prepared for them to get mad and leave. It might take a day, it might take years, but as long as the person is enabled and the behavior accepted, they will continue to do it. If they are a serious alcoholic, they will need to hit bottom and sometimes that means losing the relationships of all of the ppl you care about. If they agree to quit, help them in every and any way you can including abstaining yourself. Be supportive and positive about their decision to quit. Let them know that you care deeply for them and don't want to lose them to alcohol abuse. good luck.
You can talk until you're blue in the face but until they truly want to give up alcohol, it's not going to happen. Find out where the AL ANON meetings are & attend some of the meetings. Express your concerns & they will advise you on how to make a difference in a drinker's life. If you're a teenager, there's AL A TEEN.
There is a group called Al-Anon that was created for family and friends of alcoholics. If you go to their site, they should have some good ideas. From a personal standpoint, make sure to be supportive of this person and tell them you are worried about what they are doing and that you are willing to give them any support they may need ,if they wish, to help solve this problem. Hopefully, it will end positively. Your friend is lucky to have someone that cares for them so much. Good luck.
Tell, that the enjoyment of anything, is when you learn to do it, and know how to do it, correctly, and without the need to abuse, self inflict pain, or Literally destroy your self in the process, of doing something you(they), don;t know nothing about it., there is where fun and good time is, not in what they do, unconsciously hiding that they don't know anything, or hiding for what they don't want to know, in an effort to don't realize what the true is about been Normal and not excessive in their habits. and then you can offer then some pure and clean water.
Get them some help convince them to go into rehab otherwise I don't know how My Father was an alcoholic and died at the age of 44 His 2 kids, grandson, wife, family, friends weren't enough.

The only thing I can say is find what the root cause of why he needs to drink and foucus on changing the way they feel about it. Find a way to give them a new outlook on life even if that means taking them to church.

With my father he never got over the death of his mother at a young age he drank from when he was 15 all the way until he died. My brother and I tried but when a man faces death twice and still doesn't give it up it's hard to know what will convince him to stop.
It's sad... I've been there. and YOU can't.

They need to want to quit abusing it.
To get someone to care about quiting alcohol is almost an impossible task until they hit their bottom.that is...something must happen to convince that person that there is something more worth living for than staying anesthesized by drinking, Alcoholics drink alcohol to escape responsibility and the pains of life. Suggest AA..they have the highest recovery rate which includes medical approaches to the problem. Never preach, try to understand and pray. Good luck.
As stated above, you cannot make someone quit abusing alcohol or even want to. You can help them by showing them specifically how alcohol affects their life by not "helping" them abuse alcohol. You need to list what you don't like about their drinking and figure out what role you play in it if any. For instance, if it is a friend you go clubbing with, you need to say, "Sally, I love you, I think alcohol has become a problem for you. I am willing to help you find someone to talk to that knows about addidction that can help you. However, in good conscience I can not go clubbing with you any more".
Again, all you can do is offer 100% love and support and stop enabling the person in any way. That part may suck both for you and them, but it will get their attention.
It is not easy. My quickest response is to have him or she see professional help. Sometimes people are not ready to quit the abuse. They say not till they hit rock bottom is when they have only one way to go! Yup, UP. Is this person related to you? A friend? It is all the same.
You can't, and if you have any idea that you think otherwise you need to run, not walk, to the nearest AlAnon meeting. Alcoholics won't quit until they're good and ready, and usually not even then. Just keep your distance, try not to enable, and be ready to move when he's hit bottom and asks for help.
I have been dealing with this problem for 5 years with my live in boyfriend and this is what I've learned. I convinced my boyfriend to get counseling which he's been in for two years and he is still drinking. He has used every excuse in the book to drink. He has put himself and me through hell ( 2 DWI's, wreaked my car) and like a fool I have stayed. I'm sorry but the only thing I can say is help them to get counseling and the rest is up to them. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. By the way I am on my way out of here.
My father was an Alcoholic and my Ex. So I can tell you from experience and I have a lot. I also am a person that never gives up, I was determined that if it was the last thing I done I would get my ex to stop drinking.
Well, you can not make an alcoholic stop!! The more you try the worse they get.
My ex after, 7 rehabs, 18 DWI's, 3 trips to the penitentiary, and more trips to jail than I could even count, and alot of people who finally said it is your life do as you please.
Has stopped drinking so much, He is actually sober sometime well alot of the time, now that no body cares, and it is his choice, he actually admitted to me he is miserable when he drinks.
I wished I had stopped trying to make him quite a long time ago.

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