Why do i store up so much anger??

I use to be really angry. It had to do with all the past hurts and unforgiveness. I realized as I let hurts go and forgave people that I became more calm and not so irritated. I know now that when I am starting to feel frustrated and irritated that probably I am holding onto unforgiveness. Forgive the people in your past, otherwise you will miss out on the good things happening in your life now.
We all do. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!
Because you have not learned any other healthy ways to express your anger. It is a learned process. Try doing some research and find some reading material which may show healthy ways to express anger.
So you can unleash your furrious rath on some belligerent individual and it makes you feel great.
I also have a lot of anger inside, especially from friends that I helped and gave money to. When I lost my job they wouldn't help me. I just waiting for my friend to get sick again and end up in the hospital. I'm going there and tell him I don't care if he lives or dies.
I think alot of people hold their anger in because they just don't know how to release it in a way that is healthy or productive. I know at times I hold my anger in , almost until the point where I am going to explode. It isn't good to do that though, when you are angry, you should try and cool down and then deal with the problem in a more rational way. If you are angry with a person, you may need to go and talk to that person and let them know why you are angry
I have the same problem, mines not to severe. I went out and bough a punching bag and I know this might sound a little silly but it really helps. Releasing my anger out on the bag calms me and
allows my anger to dissipate.

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