What are a few important life lessons?

I'm 14. I still have a lot to learn. It seems like life always choses the hardest and most painful ways to teach the simplest lessons, only with hopes that they will be engraved in our brains for years to come. So I was wondering if anyone here had some words of wisdom to share.

I beg to disagree. Although life give the simplest lessons on the hardest challenges, it just means that we needed to undergo such hardship just to be able to realize a simple thing.

I will teach you three things that I have learned.

''There is no elevator to success. You have to climb the stairs"
- Everything don't come easy. Even the most successful person started from scratch

"If you're in doubt, don't"
-Learn to trust your instincts

"Love what you do and Do what you love."
-When you are doing something you are passionate of, you'll not just exude excellence but also have a degree of fulfillment within. :)

Hope to have helped!
Wait until your 30's to have babies. Create a life of your own before you take time out for a family. Women make less and are less secure than men often because they leave the workforce before becoming established.
True in most cases, always an exception to most rules, but don't always prioritize your friends all the time. I'm only 22 and have learned from my father and through experience that friends always seem to be around yet suddenly aren't there when you need help. When something goes bad for you, you would think you could depend on your buddies that you like to hang around w/. but they hide in these instances. So you go crawling back to your family who you disregarded at times for your friends.
Be true to yourself.Learn from the mistakes of others and don't repeat it.Enjoy being a teen because in a few short years you will be an adult with a lot of responsibilities.Be aware of what is going on around you.trust your instincts or gut feelings.respect others and they will respect you too.Teach others how you want to be treated.Be responsible for your own health and make responsible choices.Lastly follow your dreams my dear.
Enjoy your teenage years because you will NEVER think the same again. Your best friend now, will most likely not be the same best friend in your twenties or even thirties. If you think its important to be popular in school, it really doesn't matter when you're out in the real world. Your interests will change and you will definitely make a new best friend who will share your same interests and almost seem like a sister to you.

Go to college or technical school, anything higher than a high school diploma is needed for a lot of good paying jobs now at days...and don't ever give up. Even if something happens and you can't finish school, go when you can (I've been in college classes with 50 year old students...its wonderful to see).

If you think you are ready for kids, more than likely you're not, I don't think anyone ever is. But don't be afraid, you will be able to feed and take care of them even if you think you don't make enough. (P.S. wait until you're at least married and in your twenties to start thinking about having kids).

Marry young (22 and up) and enjoy the first few years with your husband. Go on a vacation, even if it is just somewhere close by.

And always know that there will be hard times up ahead. You will experience loss, heartache, sadness and anger, but try to think of all the good people and things in your life and don't take anything for granted.
Learn to be OK with yoursdelf before getting attached to a boy/girlfriend..Otherwise what seems like "love" is merely me using another person to fill in my empty places, using them to make me feel better about myself.

Also - you do not need to accept it when people hurt you. But if you have standards for other people's behavior (how they dress or talk or work etc.) then give them all 3 standard deviations from your 'accepted standard.' This is called tolerance.

Another good one - do not try to change somebody else. You can't do it. It's hard enough to change ME - so I sure can't change YOU.
if you want to forget learn how to forgive; if you want to hold on learn how to let go; if you want an eternal happiness learn how to surpass life's challenges; if you want to be loved learn how to love unconditionally; if you want to smile genuinely let the tears fall down;work on with your weaknesses and enrich your strengths,embrace the truth and accept everything that is going on with your life.
So far what I have learnt that has an impact on my life:

1. When you love that someone (no matter how much), it doesn't mean the other person has to love you back. It does happen.

2. That no matter what happened, life goes on.

3. That family members are important.

4. that life with its ups & downs could be wonderful at times too.

5. that you could really care for someone more than yourself.

6. Thta life is a one way street. You could never turn back. All you can do is to go forward.

7. that everyone needs love, though the degree of it might varies.

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