Do you ever get an involuntary shaking nervous reacting when someone touches your face?

I seem to always get it everytime my bf touches my face when i'm just about asleep! it makes my heart beat mega fast and usually i'll involuntarily jerk my head away from him. It's so frustrating for me because he doesn't understand and usually gets upset. Maybe it's something to do with an abusive childhood? or could it be from a serious motor accident i had two years ago? I have never been knocked out and this only hapens when i'm slightly sleepy like now really alert

Never happened to me.

Is your boyfriend aware of your background? If you share your experiences with him, then he will understand your reactions better. Communicate your fears (if any). A more open communication between you will strengthen your relationship.
Maybe your peripheral vision is not too great. Or it could be that he touches to lightly and tickles you. The sensation of tickling was originally developed to be a warning mechanism to warn our caveman ancestors that they were sharing a rock with a creepy crawly-laughing is actually a panic response!!!
Maybe you have bad exerperiences that you had in childhood? Perhaps a bad memmory of someone touching your face and you didn't like it? If you can't remember, you may have repressed this.

If it's not psycholcological perhaps your face is just more sensitive and reactive than someone else's is. For example, some people jump away when you touch their bottom of their foot, because it feels like how you describe. Maybe you have this with your face.

It could be from the motor accident. Did it start then? If it did, then perhaps then yes this is the cause. If not, consider the other options.

If it only happens when your slightly sleepy, then it may have something to do with a past memory, Perhaps something happened in the past when you were sleepy. Or it may be because yuor falling alseep and your brian is slowing down, the slightest touch to your face can make it jump again because it's sensesitve.

I hope you find the cause of this =]

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