Beauty or Brain? If you have to pick one. Which would you rather have?

i'll have the "brain." i can always be beautiful inside.
Beauty - you seem to get more out of life if you're beautiful, regardless of how dumb you are.
I choose brain because with it, I could always figure out some way to look better
Can I have a 50-50 on this one?
BRAIN: with that I have the ability to earn a great income. A great income is enough for any surgeon to take for some adjustments in the aesthetics of the body.
Eventually I'd have both.
Brains beauty fades
I would choose Beauty. When you are beautiful, you are apt to have more fun in life. Since we only go through life once, I would prefer to have more fun. We can always go to a job and have a great career. Beautiful people are always given more opportunity than ugly people. In fact, sometimes others even think you are smarter if you are beautiful.
it is better to have a brain...can't be beautiful forever
Brain. I've seen some very good-looking people who were also incredibly dumb and naive, and it's just not worth it.
I think i would rather have the beauty.
With brains you can earn enough to make the changes to be beautiful--as pointed out by a previous answer. However, with beauty alone, you might be able to earn a "good" living for the short term, but it will not be enough to continually sustain you. Besides, over a timespan beauty does fade. You can't look picture perfect all through out your life.

"If you can not impress them with your intelligence, then baffle them with your bs"-- this was the mantra of one of our greatest underachievers in the work place. We all wonder where is the person now!

Hope this helps. Best of luck to you and your goals.
Definitely brains. I would rather someone see me for my intellectual capabilities instead of how I look. Looks eventually fade away, but wisdom doesn't.
Brain all the way,
With a brain you can make lots of money, and you would be surprised just how many people find money sexy.
I would choose Brain, becaues Beauty does'nt be with us forever!, But, brain makes us to think how to make our life beautiful!,
brains. if ur smart, u can figure out a way to make yourself more attractive.
brains- not only will you get old and wrinkly if you choose beauty but if you have the brains, you might discover some kind of fountain of youth to never get to that stage...
Brain because if you are smart, you're most likely healthy. And healthy people usually don't look that bad. So if you're not bad looking and have a great brain, that's some heavy duty framework to a good spouse.
Brain beauty fades brains stay.
Brains, I've seen beauty destroyed by fire, accidents and other illness and other things. Unless you have a serious brain injury you don't lose your intelligence. Also people who rely only on their looks and than lose them have a much harder time adapting to life as it is now for them, that they're not as good looking. Brains are much more likely to get your further in life.If people like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton had a little more brains than beauty maybe they wouldn't be in the situation that they now find themselves in because they relied on beauty and money to get them through life.
Brains of course

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