If you make an Ugly face and the Wind Changes??

I heard that if you make a weird face and the wind changes direction, you are stuck with it forever. Is it true because I think my sister has it, or she's just ugly.

Its a complete myth. Some people are just plain ugly. There just using the wind as an excuse to get plastic surgery.
Haha.yeah it's true.happened to my little brother too!
No... this is not true... Wow what a nice compliment about your sister!
lol its an old wives tale!! nothing will happen!!
omg first of all don't call your sister that's rude,second of all yeah if you make ugly face it could stick to that ugly face but not because of the wind ,because of the nerve
Yes, it's a fact, proven by scientists
Nope- it's true - usually only happens when siblings are around or the mother-in-law... for some it is an improvement me thinks - why do you think Emotional Beast only shows his chest !!?
Hahaha, you totally just cracked me up!
yep sorry its true. that will teach her, dont go making the same mistake
Would that by any chance be a twin sister? or do you both just spend a lot of time in the wind?
Maybe your sister is just ugly
I was wondering where that smell was coming from.

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