Lets say you are single without many friends. Do you ever feel lonely? If so what do you do about it?

Come home from work have a few shots of whisky and than get into here before going to bed. This is what has been happening to me for the last 2 yrs. The worst part is i'm living on my own.
I don't think lonliness is limited to single people, in fact I know many married people who are more lonely than single people in their marriage.

Single people often develop social networks, online or offline by volunteering, or if they are in a professional area, joining a professional association. There are a number of social networking sites online one can join to make friends to develop relationships with, some have links for people in the particular area that one lives in.

To spell off lonliness , stop thinking only about you and your problems. Do something for someone else , become involved in your community somehow. Find a cause you're interested in and attend meetings about it , help out.

If you have a particular faith attend services of that faith.

Re-establish contact with family members, write them letters or emails .

Get a pet of some kind , they keep you involved and less lonely and also provide health benefits such as lowering blood pressure.

Get involved in reading a good novel that takes you out of your world and into someone else's for a change.
Nope. I am single... I just hang out with my best friends ocassionaly... Although my best friend lives 30 minutes away from me now and my other best friend is gone for the summer to another state to visit his dad so I am kind of lonely. Although I play Xbox Live so I constantly meet new people and make new friends along with the required team work to play Halo 2. I also work out at the gym 3 - 5 days a week.
I think I would have to get out there and find my life and start living it. And having friends around me would not be a problem as friends come and go, and the only true friend you can ever have is the friendship that you have with yourself and that is far more important, and you would never feel lonely.
I feel very fortunate that I am not stuck with someone for life that I am not in love with.
being alone without someone to love is a waste of the body.
Not being alone without someone to love is a waste of the soul.

I have learned that I can be my own best friend. I have all the character traits I look for in a friend.
I'm a single person with many friends, and I still feel lonely at times. Man was not meant to be alone. When I'm lonely, I try to pray to God, since I'm a Christian, But when I can't pray, I often get lost in escapist pursuits like eating, watching TV, sleeping or staying up till 2:30am on forums such as FunQA.coms..hehe

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