Blatant negativity?

There is a female who I used to be bestfriends with; We grew up in the same church together. She has always been a piece of work to deal with. When we were young, she was kind of like the leader of the friendship and I would avoid saying the wrong things just because I didn't want to lose our friendship. She was a negative friend to me; she always spoke her mind in the wrong way to me to hurt me and as we grew older, I finally just let our friendship go out the door, for the good of me. Now, we are both 18 and we still see each other in church. We say our hellos and goodbyes. She still has ways of being negative to the friends that she has now, but I stay to myself and with other people now. I never associate with her. Well...we were in a room today with other people and my aunt was looking through some pictures I had taken and commented on how I am getting ready for my modeling career. The old friend made a nasty comment "She don't look like she is, looking like that in those pics."

Her low self esteem makes her put other people down. You can stay away from her or explain to her that she is sabotaging herself by being a nasty person. She'll never have real friends if she continues to behave this way, but someone needs to explain it to her.
Why are you wasting you time with her?
Jealousy and she is deeply insecure so she tries to feel better about herself by putting other people down. I had that same friend in high school but let her go. I realised that she had self esteem issues and I was not going to be her scape goat.
Just chalk her up as an "AS*HOLE", and "Move On", don't worry, more of them will be in your life again, no shortage of that !

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