Advice please?

everybody has regrets, i know, but why have mine only just caught up with me? id rather not say but something happed ages ago and now im feeling suicidal, im so dissapointed in myself, but back then i was messed up in the head and now im so depressed with all the regret, please give me advice, im only 16 and i JUST WANT TO GET ON WITH MY LIFE AND NOT WORRY ANYMORE! pleasee....

If you are only 16, you have a very long life in front of you, please do not spend it worrying about what happened ages ago, look forward to what you can do with your life, go to college, back to school, get the job you have always wanted, Please have a wonderful life, do not spend it regretting what went wrong,
You gotta talk to someone who can help you. Minister if you are into that. Hot lines. School counselor. Just lay out your feelings and let them help you. No one here can do more than suggest you get some professional help. The future has a lot to offer you.
The best way is to try and confront the issue and the people who were involved if possible. I can't help much with not much info to go on. If that's not possible, try counseling
Go see the doc and ask to be referred to a psychologist or counsellor.
one thing to always remember is dont let this get you down. What ever happened you should learn from your mistakes.You were only young at the time. No one is perfect. Every one has done bad things in their life. Even me! I always live by this rule:

Never regret the things youve done: regret the things you havent done!!

Take care xxx
you sound depressed and in need of serious help. By that i mean see your Gp and ask to be referred for some counselling. Tell him you are suicidal.
Counselling will help you to deal with these emotions that are upsetting and depressing you at the moment. The past is the past cannot change it BUT you can change the future. Don;t take your life. Think of everyone that cares for you...don't put them through that please.
it is not weak to seek help is brave and you must do this.
The depression has eaten away at you..go get help.
Then you will feel so much better and the guilt you feel will go away.
As you are 16 you couls seek help from social services or a school teacher/counsellor. Please get help.
If something happened ages ago that is affecting you this much, you must talk about it to someone. You must have kept it bottled up for this long in order for it to be having this affect on you now. You must get this off your chest, there are counsellors you can talk to, if you go to your GP they can refer you and it will be in strictest confidence.

We all make mistakes, you are not the only one, mistakes are what make us into the adults we become. Whatever happened is over, but in order to get closure you must let it all out to someone, the relief will be immense.

Please seek advice, no one had to know except you and the counsellor. I hope things work out for you. take care.
it's called guilt hon. Some times as a child you repress things, putting them in the back of your mind and trying with all of your might to forget them. And years later when everything isn't going so good they stick their little nasty heads out to make you feel like crap. and it's working. try talking about it. or speak to a doctor you may have some depression you will need to deal with by speaking to someone or taking a medication. you can come out of this just seak out help, don't ignore it.
Dear Hurting,

Without at least some background info on what happened, it's hard to give advice. What I can say however, is that the universe will provide all that you need! I know this may sound crazy, but if you are open to it, good things can and will happen. Everyone has things that they regret, but try to see those regrets as lessons for the next opportunity that comes your way. Keep your chin up and if you need to, seek professional help. "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change." Wayne Dyer
i suggest u call child line
sweetheart that is all a part of the process in becoming an adult. you say you were messed up before and you did somethings.. that you are now regretting shows that you have matured alot. as to what you can do about your guilty conciense (i spelled that wrong!).. that all depends on what you did that is causing you to regret so much. what i always find is a very good thing to do is to apologize. even if it has been so many years or whatever.. a heartfelt apology always helps and never hurts! i actually looked up a girl from elementary school and apologized for being so mean when we were kids because i never did get over it! that was more than 15 years ago! if you cannot apologize directly to the person involved then try writing it in a letter. who cares if you have an adress.. just write down everxything you want to say and then seal it in an envelop along with all the regrets you have and just put it in the mailbox. worst case scenario.. the mail man will throw it away because it is a blank envelop but when you put it in, you should put your guilt in as well. if all else fails, try to get yourself some professional help. good luck on your road to becoming an adult
Talking about it is the first step, your wish to just get on with your life shows you have the strength to do just that. To help you through this time, get to bed at the same time each night, writing your thoughts down helps, as does staying busy. Don't worry, be happy!
talk to a very close friend or if you go to church, talk to your preacher as they will help you as much as they can without saying anything to anyone else. you will never forget whatever happened but you must think positive and if this was something involving someone else you should talk to them. maybe you can't but you have to look at all options. as time goes on things do heal themselves but you have to want them to. you're only 16. you will meet a partner someday and things will be different. do not hide anything from a good relationship. you can talk to most any preacher at any time as most do not care what religion you are and will help. there may also be free family counsilers in your area.
We all make mistakes in our life. Past is a past now and you can't change it so forgot about it, move on with your life. You still very young and you have a life aheads of you. Enjoy it!
Ok, first off, lets talk about the past, future and now...which is real? Your past is gone...your futures not here yet...and Honey, we all have done things in our past that catches up to us and like you mine was when I was stupid and messed up...but have hope...this is a natural human thing to do. What is not natural is to hang onto the past to distroy your future. No matter what was is IN the past..which does not exsist anymore. RIGHT NOW is the only time that exsists. You need to realize your mistakes, ask forgiveness to whom you have hurt and forgive your self for your lack of good sense...then you need to take and learn from your mistakes and not repeat them and get on with life which is a wonderful adventure to explore. Regret is a thief, it will rob you of your actions to change things..if you can go back and fix it. do so. If you can applogize to someone to make it so..dont let regret run your life any longer..take the steps to make it right and if you can't ...if it is too late to make things right...then forgive yourself for messing up as you would your best friend. And start again...What you give your attention to grows. so dont think about the bad things...what do you want to be in your life? Get your mind on good things to come. We all have skeletons in our closets...were humans. Dont be so hard on yourself...your not alone in this one. But the winners are the ones who realize that life is not easy and we all fall flat on our faces sometimes...but get back up and dust yourself off and in knowing this wont be your last mistake...learn from it and start again...hope it helps
I think the best thing you could do is seek professional advice or to find someone who you feel comfortable opening up to.

I think the fact that you are not keen to share what went on, could be part of the reason why you are dwelling on it so much.

You need to start opening up, a cousellor maybe the best palce to start, they will sit and listen to you and they will not judge. I think once you have talked about your fears and feelings, you might start feeling better and might be able to start putting it all behind you
the past is history leave it there. at 16 you should be out having a good time so get back out there

plenty time to be miserable when you become an ole codger
You too, mate. Just lay down in a quiet place, close your eyes and go over your problem. Sober. Then stop judging yourself and FORGIVE yourself!
If this does not work, forgive yourself again!
It's best to talk with a professional or a priest. If you don't deal with this it may lead to negative choices and you could ruin your life.

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