A professional ONLINE therapist?

Has anyone made an appointment with a man/women therapist online to talk with instead of just meeting them in person? if so, what is it like and is it worth the money?

My sister uses a counselor for her agoraphobia and it tends to be quite expensive! I haven't seen any positive results.
not actually.but i study psychlogy and i cld help online...
I'm a licensed psychologist and while I haven't offered counseling online, I am interested in other responses to this question. It's kind of a tricky area because of the psychology laws and ethics surrounding online therapy. I know that programs (like health insurance companies) have started to offer phone therapy, which is a new area. In any case, I'm not aware of many resources in this area, and sorry I can't be of more assistance. However, I'm very interested to see what other psychologists or people might have to say about this.
I think it can be helpful if you are in a location that does have a psychologist, counselor or clinical social worker. Maybe there is a dual relationship with the local shrink, e.g., her daughter dates your son, etc. On-line therapy would then be an option. There are many disadvantages. You miss the body language and tone of voice. You are not connected. I think it best to seek a qualified professional face-to-face. If you seek out on-line counseling, make sure your therapist is licensed and qualified to practice.
What could be worse than having a therapist and suicidal person trying to work out a successful ending and the phone goes dead?
Go to a self help seminar. There must be one in a city near you.
Therapy takes along time. The changes are often very slow and small. Therapists are relatively expensive.
I would be very wary of an on line therapist.
Therapy requires the therapist to build up a picture of the client.
The therapist will pick up on body language, facial expressions and how physically the person reacts to a question.
Can't do this on line.
I agree with Kate and Thomas.Be wary of anyone offering you online therapy.Even all the advice that you get here you must be careful with.You must treat all the answers as an adjunct to a Professional Psychologist's therapy.It is impossible to help you without seeing you in person.Some self -help therapies can be destructive.If you think you need help see a Registered Psychologist.See your family doctor first to discuss your circumstances.Good luck to you.

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