What do u do when ur sad depressed and feel lonley?

and u dont even no why.

Go to your Dr. and get some meds. for your depression, it is a mental illness that is easily treated good luck. ~!
I eat chocolate
Get out with a friend
I guess I would try to focus on figuring out why so I could tackle the issue/problem. And then I would talk about it to my friends and family. I find that the more I talk about things the more I can wrap my head around it and figure things out. In the short term, I'd get a Blizzard!
i am still trying to figure that one out. i tend to sleep. not good, i know.
I take some alone time. I take a day off work, and enjoy the day to myself. I then go out with my girlfriends and have a good time. I've also found that home manicures and pedicures do wonders. I even feel great getting dressed up nice. So I guess all in all, I've found pampering myself is the best way to pull myself out.
I start thanking God for all the little things that I have.

Feelings of depression happens to everysingle person in life. How you handle it will determine the outcome.

After thanking for the little things, I state out loud that I am NOT depressed. I refuse to accept negative in my life. Sometimes, blasting some Kirk Franklin will do wonders!
I just go draw and express my emotion, while listening to my favorite bands, Chevelle and Incubus.
Go out with some friends or take a hot bath. Take some time to do things that you know always make you feel happy.
eat, sleep, cut.

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