Do you have an idea why men act this way toward me?

I have a beautiful face and voluptuous body, and I am also smart (3.79 GPA), however my conservative personality rubs men the wrong way and I end up having much older man interested in me more often than men my age.
I dress to impress, but never revealing. I prefer to reveal my thoughts when given a chance.

You sound like a great girl! In all honesty, it sounds like guys your age are intimidated by you. I'm not sure how old you are, but most likely girls your age are less mature and don't have as much class as you. You're just around the wrong type of guys it sounds like :) What you're doing (being yourself) is the best move you can make, because that is how you'll find a guy that will love you for who you are, smart, classy, and beautiful! If a girl is running around half naked of course she'll get alot of guys, but its for the wrong reason.... Trust me, just be yourself and they'll come around, I promise! Good luck :)
You're obviously very mature, and the kind of girl guys can see a future with. Older men are probably more attracted to you because they're ready to settle.
Guys who are your age probably are threatened by your maturity, and are not sure how to embrace it.

When the right guy comes along, you'll know. Hang in there.
Younger men are intimidated while older men are more attracted to you because you are probably what they're looking for.
Very well could be intimidated by you.

OR perhaps if they're really young, they're not mature enough to know how to handle you.

In time, and meeting a wide variety of people, you'll find someone you click w/ who appreciates and adores you for who you are. ^_~
older men? this is a bad thing?? lol sound attractive....older men attracted to you is a compliment...:) younger guys only want one thing...
Maybe you should be more flirtatious and show more cleavage-
" if Pam wants to show more cleavage, she should be able to.."- Michael Scot
The office
seems to me from your description, you could figure this answer out.... unless you want others to reinforce and compliment you over and over again
you forgot the important bit.. you never said the way men act ?
maybe its because you never explain yourself correctly ?
You are too intimidating to younger guys.
maybe because you act more maturely than most girls your age that's why older men are attracted to you. i know somebody who has more older admirers than younger ones. maybe because it's her innocence that attracts them to her. i think it's the same thing for you. your being conservative appeals more to older men while it also discourages men your age. well, it's who you are. you don't have to change just so you can make them like you...just be yourself!
u r so tensed
loose a lil bit
and chill
get to know someone u like, im sure u'll empress them.
If you are beautiful, fit, and intelligent, you will be attracting men period...not just losers and old farts.You need to stick to you guns and realize that there is a man out there (men out there, actually) who are right on par with you and are saying the same thing. You will find someone in time. Don't get hasty and compromise your standards. The reward will be well worth it and you'll thank yourself later a thousand times. However.....if you are concerned that you may be giving off a polarizing vibe, one that pushes good guys away, ask a close friend to give you some feedback, someone who knows your style and whose advise you'd trust. They may suprise you with just the right tidbit that you can work on. Good luck!
Whats your phone number? :p
it sounds like you just need to get over yourself...loosen up a bit...guys don't like girls that are all about themselves even if you are "dressed to impress"
it's because guys your age are so immature and stupid to want someone as mature and smart as you are. Guys older than you are not only more mature, and smarter, but they can also handle you. Your personality may be so overwhelming that guys your age just aren't as experienced can't handle. Don't worry, you'll find someone if you are pretty and curvy. everyone who looks nice always does.
By using the term "GPA", I'm guessing that you are around college age (correct??). A lot of college boys have that "frat-boy" mentality. Undergrads (especially if you live at school, not at home) are away from the iron-fist rule of parents and old friends, usually for the first time; people can tend to act a little looney under those circumstances (if you don't know what I'm referring to, go to a kegger and watch the idiots and lightweights in action). Throttle back a little and concentrate on getting your education and forging a life for YOURSELF! After all is said and done, you're ultimately responsible for your own destiny and happiness. Take care of yourself, first, foremost, and always. Watch out for those "older" guys. A lot of them are looking for a "trophy" girlfriend (or a sports car, or a house in the country, or to prove they "still have it." [get my drift??]). Some are sincere, and if you connect on a level that goes beyond a bedroom or a motel, by all means go for it!! Just be very discriminate and observant. You obviously sound very intellegent and mature, but you're still young. Don't blow it (no pun intended), and don't even allow anyone to use or manipulate you.

p.s. In my case, I'm 18 years older than my girlfriend (and she long since done with college), but s-it, it's working for both of us. I believe that our situation is an exception to the rule, but I also believe that our situation is a rarity. I wish you the best of luck... you deserve it!!!
Because younger men like ditzy girls. And to an older guy, you are a younger woman.

Or, you're just not cool to be around. Are you fun?
Maybe because young men want a young woman that is like them and wants to have fun instead of compete with them on how smart you are. Where as an older man just sees a young woman that they have chance with. :-)

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