After a death?

is it normal to keep on seeing someone's face after they died, i only knew the guy for 3 weeks but i can't stop seeing his smiling face, he died on monday just dropped dead right next to my desk at work please help ??

I would say yes. I saw my Dad alot after he died, it was weird. But it does go away after awhile. You are probably freaked because he was right next to you.
wow you sound traumatized (I don't blame you). Does your work offer counseling? I'd get on that.

It's pretty shocking to have someone die next to you.
I agree with Rabbyt.
Under the circumstances, yes it is normal. You're probably still somewhat in shock. Don't worry...his face will fade with time.
Yes. I think so. If you still dream about him all the time, may be you should ask God what was he trying to communicate to you.
Sure. Its normal. It was a shock to you, I'm guessing.

There's a thing that goes on with your brain when you've gone through a shocking event, and for now you've got the image of his face in your mind

Even though this wasn't a shock for me someone I knew died a while back, and her face was stuck in my head for I don't know how long. She wasn't all that close. Her death wasn't sudden. Still, I had so much hoped she'd come out of a surgery she had it was awful to know she had died. I had the image of her face in my head almost constantly for a week or so, and then it came less often.

Chances are it will fade, but its too new for you to expect it not to be there right now.
it will stop as time go by and you need to move your desk some place
It is not normal, try consulting a psychologist.

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