Imitation is the highest form of compliments - is it true?

Please explain the logic behind it.

I, personally, do not condone imitation.

People need to be their own person, establish their own personality, develop their own persona...

We all should strive to be unique.
yeah i guess so. if someone imitates/copies you then your obviously doing something they feel they too want to achieve so that they can be like you
I don't think there is quite a "logic" behind it. Maybe it is something deeply rooted within all human beings. We imitate because we admire something about another human or maybe something that they have, do, or posses, which has allowed them to achieve or obtain something that we want. I think it being a compliment or not is dependent on how the person feels about it. I have a friend who has a (what I call) "groupie". His friend imitates a lot of things he does, tells his jokes, buys the same clothes, and listens to the same music to name a few. And he does this not necessarily because he LIKES these things, but he feels like it will give him a "cool" status, and that he will be better liked by my friend and others. Now, my friend, he HATES this imitation, and it drives him crazy b/c he feels that he is being robbed of his identity.

On the other hand I have another friend who has the same sort of situation and absolutely loves it because having someone imitate her in certain ways makes her feel special and unique.

I guess you could safely say that it is true in some cases and false in others, or even that it might have been true but now is not.It all depends on how the person being imitated feels and the psychology behind that person. I think low self-esteem plays a big role in this in both of my friends situations. but, thats just a guess! hope that helps!

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