All Nighter...?

Can you take a rest with your eyes closed and ALL MOST like right on the edge of falling asleep but not being asleep, then staying up all night..whould that still be an ALL NIGHTER??

Yes but are you sure you didn't snooze for like 10 seconds? I would still consider that an all nighter.
yeah, it's still an all nighter...

♥ xoxo
hmmmm..this happens to me alot too.yes you can rest with your eyes closed and closely falling asleep but when your on the edge of falling asleep your arent really asleep, so then when you actually realize this you end up pulling an all nighter because you forget how you started to fall asleep and you try to get back to that stage but it doesnt yes its an all nighter.because you never really went to sleep
no. what you need to do is take two no doze and some coffee. then smoke some crack j/k. but for real take some no doze that shits will keep you up

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