Has anyone heard of the statement " Sticks n stones, will break my bones, but names, will never hurt me "?

Yes all the time - especially when I was a child at school. We also used to say "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me."

Used as a childish yet effective come-back for verbal bullies.
Yes used to hear it all the time as a kid..
yes why?
Yes my mum used to say it to me when the other kids would tease me
yes not so much now though
I've heard it, although I completely disagree!

Sticks and stones & broken bones will hurt at the time, but will eventually heal.

People can say things however, that hurt you emotionally, and this is a much harder pain to heal!
oh that's a blast from the past, used to hear it alot as a kid.

Yes I sure have...it's like people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Same meaning.
How about the word hypocrite?
Truth is some word is your weakness.
Everyone has things that offend them
yes - my mum taught it to us when we were kids about a million years ago.
yer was all ways saying to my brother he was always horrible to me when we were growing up
Sure.it is what our mother's told us to say to bullies who taunted us at school..
of course...but like all words it is just a saying and really doesn't happen that way does it...the words people say cut deeper...and to be honest i would rather be hit with a stick or stone than to have the words cut on me
Yes - MILLIONS of times, expecially while I was at primary school.

What about it?
yes you ******
yes all the time when i was a kid and even a teenager but when your being picked on and harassed because your different ( disabled) that saying don't make you feel better
i think everyone has heard of that
This may sound, weird. But it is scientifically proven, that, the saying is infact untrue and should not be said by anyone being teased or being insulted by others.

If you want more info. on this scientifically proven myth, just follow this step:
Google>sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me> 5th one down, maybe it has updated (if so sorry)
Yours truly, The expert Bros.
Of course.
Yeah, it's a response to having the mickey taken and being called names!
Sticks and stones will break my bones but calling never hurts me .When i,m dead and in my grave you,ll wish you never hurt me
Like someone said a blast from the past
Sure. The serial killer of the Virginia Tech massacre didn't get abused physically, but ended up killing 50 innocent people.

Of course, the rational of this statement is that verbal abuse will only hurt you if you choose to let it, but often it doesn't work out that way and it is better to retaliate sometimes.
ancient-my grandparents knew it and they were born c1880
Yes, it was a defiant response to name- calling in the playground in my day, often followed by sticking your tongue out at the offender! Don't know if kids still use it.
Yes, heard it as a child. As a teacher, I've discussed it with my middle school students. Although the saying is intended to teach people that you shouldn't let the "names," ie. insults, hurtful words, get to you; this can be difficult if you lack self-esteem. As teachers and parents we need to also teach children that hurtful words can leave emotional and psychological scars; thus the adage: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
Yes. It was a common saying in the days before lawyers and the social services industry started to encourage parents to describe a bit of name calling as bullying which required a kid to snivel to its mother, their mother (or her current partner) to complain to the school and with any luck a wack of compensation on legal aid.
Yes but I think it is a load of crap. Physical wounds can heal much faster than emotion wounds. Some adults are affected by things that were said in their childhood, some dont even know it.
I agree w/ heatheruk1984! It depends on how emotionally strong you are to resist those evil name-callings. Most people I know would take things too personally so I will assume that this statement is somewhat only applicable to those strong at heart.
He he - Bob Marley used to sing it out "so heat me with music..."
yes i use it since i sm cheeky!!!!

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