My Fellow Introverts!?

Let me ask you something. and maybe it's just me,but, Do you ever feel like when you meet a psychologist or have a class with a psychologist, do you ever feel like they are assessing you? and if you do doesn't it feel like x-ray vision because you are aware that they are? I'm asking because I feel that way and I wanted to know if other introverts had the same feeling or if it's just me. I pick up a lot of little details about people that others miss, and I'm intune with my feelings as well as others. anyway, let me know your answers!

Most introverts are very intuitive
No. Usually the other way around for me.
I think we're all assessing each other constantly.

You have to wonder what makes a person take a psych class, considering that most students do it because they think there's something up with them.

Really, don't be paranoid. That "awareness" may be preventing you from actually connecting with people.
omg, my behavioral science professor does that to me too. i feel like she's scrutinizing my every action...
Yeah, but they usually don't get to far with me. I'm usually better at picking out what they are thinking then they are with what I think, and I don't have to much patience for their belief that they can some how tell me more about me then I know.

I use to fight with a close brother when I was young and my mom took me to a psychologist, the meeting lasted about 5 minutes, with me telling her that it was a waste of both of our time and going out to my Mom and telling her that I caught the lie (she told me I was there for other reasons) and that was the end of that. P.S. me and my brother grew up and it past as these things normally do.

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