Is it possible to see yourself through the eyes of other people?

well physically looking into their eyes it depends on the lighting conditions lol...
but trying to see yourself from someone else's point of view (are you a good person or other things) depends on how honest the person is with you, and if you ask them or not lol...
you don't ask they won't think to say...
you ask and they don't want to hurt your feelings or it's easier to be dishonest then you can't see yourself threw their eyes...
but if you ask and they (threw deepseated duty to be honest, or apathy due to lack of consiquense if they are honest) tell you how they see you then yes ofcouse you can see yourself threw their eyes...
it all depends on who you're talking to...
honesty by apathy will generally mean they've only noticed the undesirable and disinteresting things about you...
honesty because they don't want to lie to you might be equally biased in a positive way...
so really to see yourself as others see you you need multiple brutally honest people some of which are honest because they don't give a rats about you or anyone, others that are honest because they feel safe in telling you how they really see things...
yeah. like reflection.
I am an identical twin, so yes it is.
no not unless you had a total eye transplant! lol
oh lord I hope not, I live for my delusions of Grandeur.
No physically, but if you were to find a note that some1 wrote to some1 else about you, it could give you a pretty good idea what you like in other peoples eyes.
Do you mean see yourself as they see you or see your reflection in their eyes?
sometimes you just need to trade places and try to imagine what they see
literaly yes...try to consider johari window of personality..1 you know, i know...2 i know, u dnt know...3 I DONT KNOW, YOU KNOW,....4. i dnt know, u dnt know only GOd knows...
No I don't think it's possible. Not everyone sees you the same way - if you weren't you, you'd see yourself differently from how other people see you anyway - we interpret people through our own pre-conceived ideas and personalities and characteristics.
The only way I know of is to do a introspective look at yourself, besides that I am unaware of any scientific proof it can be done another way.
Not when you're busy seeing them through your own eyes.
To certain extent, you can judge what is the general opinion about yourself by their reactions, the way they treat you, listen to you, respect you or ignore you. We all possess the intellect and instinct to guess what the person in front of you think about you unless you are a total duffer.. can never get into somebody else's mind..sorry.
I do it all the that I do not come off as the total lunatic one hundred percent of the time.

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