Why are girls so scared of spiders?

My mother acted as though she was not the least bit afraid of spiders because she had 5 sons who needed to not be afraid of them. After the years went by we found out we were everyone of us terrified of the little critters. I think it is because we think that if we get bit by them(and they show up out of nowhere)that we may have a terrible reaction or die from them. It is the way they feel crawling on the skin also. Those little hairy arms reaching out to grab someone eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Mmm
Because they want someone to protect them from hairy creatures.
Only some are, but I know boys that are also afraid of them. It is just an ugly insect, same as snakes...(which is of course not an insect)
Because they are just creepy looking...and well, I think I inherited the trait/phobia from my father...so, maybe its a learned behavior. Although, I can handle the tiny ones...just not the big ones...OH, and those that sneak into the shower somehow! Hello...not a great surprise!
Because they're hideous, that's why. And they move way too fast.
Because they are evil, creepy, scary little beasts!
Because they are hairy and have eight eyes. I HATE the big ones. Once, a daddy long leg crawled into the shower.
Why are spiders scared of humans?

Why do owls come out at night?

Why does society expect some much of us?

How many licks does it take to reach the end of a tootsie pop?

My Questions and yours may never be answered and sadly.....The World may never know.
they are so creepy crawling on the wall or
in the bath tub. they look so scary.
they are not friendly looking .
I'm not afraid of spiders -- or snakes or worms or lizards or bugs or any other creepy crawly thing. I grew up with three brothers.
I don't know haha. The little ones are harmless and cute!.. it's the big ones that are gross, hairy and ugly. It's those ones that we should be afraid of... and most of them, well the poisonous ones anyway, aren't even located in North America.
But, they are creepy, the way they crawl around and sneak up on you when you least expect it.
From my many years of experience I think that girls and boys are equal in fear. However some girls were brought up doing only "girl" things and didn't get the exposure that boys did. That has changed somewhat over the years though. Also girls like to act like girls and feign fright at times.
That's cliche -- about girl's being afraid of spiders. The question would be: why are PEOPLE scared of harmless insects? It's not just girls who are afraid. Not every guy likes to touch insects. And girls who are afraid of spiders are afraid of ants and every other insects.
its not just girls, guys can be afraid of spiders... everyone has a fear of something...sometimes these fears can be developed through a bad experience...
cause they can bite you and they are dangerous sometimes.

p.s. not all girls are afraid even some boys are too. we're not that weak
because they are creepy, crawly and yucky. But hey---it's not only girls, I have a 22 year old son that has called his manager into the lunch room at work to kill a spider for him. Twice he did that. And he does not care what anyone thinks.
He hates those things.
1. spiders have poision
2. we are told spider is nasty and scary
3. we are girls, girls should be afriad of nasty creature, so that make a lady more lady kind
4. If a girl is not afraid of spider, she is like a boy
5. girl don't want to be like boys

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