Why are artistic people so difficult to get along with?

They tend to be moody people who are anti-social. Why's that?

I am a professional artist. I do Gallery shows and such. Good artist learn at an early age the best way to improve your skills and express your feelings you had to learn about everything.
Most people(nonartists) specialize their learning to what they want to learn to go into their profession. Doctors study medicine not engineering. For an artist to be good at what they do they must study everything. So I am not anti social, I am really busy expanding my abilities by learning.

We definetly are moody but I think it is natural. While most people find a break from work artist blur the line a lot more and are really always working because even during leasure our eyes are studying our environment. Also ever here the phrase "ignorance is bliss". It is true.

Because I am always studying virtually every subject, I have a good vision of where humanity is failing but no ability to help, I am here to express the truth of my time so future generations can learn from it. I can't help because you can't enlighten others, everyone must do it for themselves.

Some artists in History have had mental illnesses that are unfortunately associated with being creative, this isn't a rule.
It is because of artists that we understand history of humanity.
Egypt is one of the best examples of this, art as a means of communication is the direct predicessor of the written word. The written word is a refinement of art and actually is a branch of art.

The more you loose yourself in the perfection of your art the better you become, but friends and family lose you as well. Being compelled to live this way would make any sane person moody.
hey baby, remember me?

ok look, they dont think logical, they think by feelings and act out on them, thats why, oh and some of them suffer from depression which is a sad disease

if im wrong, well then, im wrong
Artistic people feel things, unlike ignorant people who just go with whatever life hands them and don't really have much of an opinion on life.
Mostly boys do. Besides people don't have patience to stay with them. There isn't a survey about this. Boys need girls emails.
Because they never feel that they are fully understood.
Because that's artisti - unique and mysterious-

we love to be that way.. hell yeah its hard to be around with us but once u have the green light... we will always get along and be there for u..

Dont give up. We tend to pick people who never give up on us.Thats the trick and also u have to accept n understand us very well.
They Have there own way of looking at things and they figure there way is the only right way.
It is well known that creative types are known to be antisocial, loners, alcoholics, manic-depressive, suicidal: Van Gogh, Beethoven, Parker, Poe, you can go on and on. But we have our good points too: courage, loyalty, creativity, perseverance, the ability to live in abject poverty, and resilience and intelligence. Remember that geniuses can have a bug up their butt too. The brain and resulting temperament is different. It can be very frustrating for family, friends and partners. Best of luck to you!!
because they are consumed with other things
we not moody, in fact we don't have emotions. we don't have words to say, we don't have alertness. antisocial the socalled also suffer insomnia. who wants to stay with antisocials who always appear drowsy? also got fatigue stricken.


antisocials can socialize but they have to be lying in bed and their "friends" have the "strongest patience"
Because they normally see things from diffracted angles they have intense and deep unexplainable feelings. When they share them with others, others attack them for weirdness. It's like being treated as if you're a schizophrenic. So naturally, they don't want to be hurt but part of them still desires to connect only to get abused repeatedly or they hate the feeling of being surrounded by people who don't really think or see or feel anything like they do, which is the majority.

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