A question about the term "emo"?

If emo means emotional and emotional means "full of feeling" couldn't you be full of any feeling to be emo? If somebody were to be overly happy couldn't they be emo? Happiness is a feeling to. So could it work either way?

i think this term just came about as a name for the new genre of music that emerged and didnt really have a name, and for the people who are into this type of music

obviously you are right about the literal meaning of the word, but when words are adopted to identify a movement, the definition of the word might change a bit to accomodate the characteristics of the movement... the meanings of words change all the time... and sometimes they dont even have to change... they just have different meanings depending on the context

Its all about how its used, if you say to someone today "you are so emo", they'll probably think you are saying that they remind you of that type of music... they wont think you are calling them overly happy, or telling them they are full of feeling.
i always thought emo means people who slit there rist?
yes, you're right, but unfortunatelly the ones who get this "emo" stuff to their life think that they should be sad and mourn... they see a lot of people this way and follow like sheep...
some...well now alot of people classify emo people as sad people who dress old school or white and black and are sad and stuff. but we're all people and we should stop classifying people like we classify soup cans.
emo means to listen to rock and cut yourself

its a fashion, and musical statement.. if they got over the rock music and the cutting of oneself they would be a regular member of society like you and me

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